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JOHN ISAAC: Journey as a UN Photographer

From documenting the plight of refugees and the war atrocities in Rwanda and Bosnia to being Michael Jackson’s official photographer, John Isaac has a decorated career in photography. Here is a short interview that we, at PhotoConcierge did with John Isaac, about his journey as a UN photographer, his upcoming project on the tigers of India and his insights on the ethics of wildlife photography.

Top Tips to Become a Successful Commercial Photographer

What does it take to become a successful commercial photographer these days? Commercial photography has undergone a significant transformation, brought about by the advancement of technology and the internet. Today, even amateur photographers are able to offer reasonably good quality photographs at affordable prices, thus catering to the needs of numerous commercial clients. This has …

5 Simple Tips to Photograph the Independence Day Parade

India is gearing up to celebrate its 70th year of independence from the British Raj, come August 15th. The independence day parade held in the capital every year is a huge spectacle and draws in hordes of enthusiastic Indians. The parade is watched by millions of Indians and its photos are circulated widely. If you are in Delhi this independence day and are photographing the event, follow these simple hacks to get beautiful pictures of the parade.