2016 Trends in Wedding Photography

A special day like nothing else, Weddings are worth being captured in its finest of details. While there are plenty of common themes – like getting the bride to don a pair of aviators while draped in a saree, or having the groom and bride enact fairy tale scenarios to capture the best of images, there’s really much more to wedding photography. Here are a bunch of themes that look like they will take 2016 by storm.

    • A return to the Vintage: The rich and classic look is a hot favourite, it appears. Many couples are opting for vintage finishes to their photos, as the couples pose against old Victorian settings, or in the clipped studio style that erstwhile India in its pre-Independence days churned out. These photos come in with a bit of a regal, old worldly charm that has seldom found replacement, no matter how nifty and talented the photographer himself is.
PhotoConcierge wedding photography

Photo Credits: Lakshman Iyer

    • Ditch the pose, keep the candid alive. It’s no longer any fun to do the hackneyed going-down-on-one-knee and teary-eyed-bride shots. The focus is now on capturing the more candid, natural and unplanned moments. Everything from the shy look of nervousness, to the outright joy and sometimes even relief upon the completion of ceremonies remains the cameraman’s domain. Goofy moments are the best of all – for no one thinks anyone is watching. Weddings are a juxtaposition of many emotions – the happiness at the prospect of a new life, and the sadness that comes with leaving behind all that is familiar, culminate in a splendid range of emotional displays. Keep your lens ready to shoot every little candid second.

      Picturemakers India. PhotoConcierge Wedding Photography

      Photo Credits: Picturemakers

    • Perspective matters. Weddings are not just about straight shots, or shots through crowds. An interesting photo shoot could involve shooting the wedding itself, but instead of just the bride and groom, to make the ceremonial elements the star of the shoot. Which means, everything from the rings or neck-piece, to the presents, can be used as interesting props. Do the math with perspective and create a delightful set of photos.

      Picturemakers India. PhotoConcierge Wedding Photography.

      Photo Credits: Picturemakers

    • Drone Photography: A whole different way of gaining perspective and adding a twist to wedding photography is taking place in the form of drone photography. Using a quadcopter with a GoPro camera, capture some awesome footage and indulge in completely different perspectives that a regular effort in photography cannot. However, use it in complement to, rather than instead of mainstream photography.
    • Lesser reliance on props: Avoid using over the top props or props that are already done to death. The idea this time around is to indulge the wedding ceremonies and the couple themselves – rather than the larger than life props. The regular deal of large balloons or flowers and bunting is dated, and the new deal is to keep things classy, simple and elegant.
Picturemakers India. PhotoConcierge wedding photography.

Photo Credits: Picturemakers

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