3 Tips to Compose Fantastic Outdoor Portraits

Unique composition is what separates a good photograph from a great one. If you are into shooting outdoor portraits, follow the below three tips to get some fantastic shots.

1. Include different elements in your frame

When you think of elements to include in your frame, you often think of arches and doorways. However, take your creativity a notch higher and look for other, less clichéd elements. For instance, you can shoot through leaves, have other people in the foreground or the background and even include interesting architectural elements. Having depth of field in your outdoor portraits adds a dramatic touch to them.

Photo by: PhotoConcierge

2. Experiment with perspective

While photographing at eye level can result in appealing portraits, experimenting with different perspectives can make your composition very strong and powerful. Get down low or shoot from a higher ground to portray your subject differently. Include a variety of elements in the background to make the shot powerful and impactful.

3. Play with lighting

Use the natural light in your surroundings to your advantage. Play around with bursts of natural light and dark shadows to create unique and compelling outdoor portraits. For instance, you can make your subject stand under a shadow that’s been cast by a seemingly harsh light. Play with patterns of light to make the composition of your photograph stand out.

Photo by: GVenket Ram

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