3 Tips to Create an Evocative Photo Series

Telling a story with one picture can be very challenging. You can, however, use a sequence of images to convey an evocative message. Photo series are a great way to challenge yourself as a photographer. If you are planning on creating one, follow the below tips.

1. Choose a subject close to your heart

Photo by: Amruta Dhavale

It’s easier to produce fantastic results if you photograph a topic or subject that you love. In this photo series, Mumbai Monsoon, Amruta Dhavale has used her phone to click beautiful pictures of her favourite season. Throughout the series, you will notice a common link – a scene captured throw a window laden with rain droplets. The pictures are dramatic, yet beautiful at the same time. It is important that you pick a topic that you can revisit and photography any time.

2. Have a clear concept

Photo by: Amruta Dhavale

It’s important that you have a clear concept and a vision of how you want your photo series to pan out. A lack of clarity can result in inconsistent shots that don’t display any common elements. In this photo series, the photographer has a vision to capture Mumbai through a veil of rain.

3. Shoot from a variety of angles

Photo by: Amruta Dhavale

While the elements you choose to include in the frame need to remain consistent, your perspective need not. Play around with a variety of angles and incorporate different perspectives to make your photo series interesting. Every image needs to stand out and when they are collectively put out for viewers, they need to be impactful.

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