3 Tips to Photograph Inside a Cave

Caves enclose a world within a world and are one of the most challenging spots to photograph. Caves exude a sense of mystery and the darkness combined with the difficult terrains make it extremely important to be a technically sound photographer. Here are a few useful tips to take perfect images of these subterranean wonders.

1. Know how to traverse through a cave

Caves undoubtedly have a difficult terrain. Added to that, the cold and damp environment can pose further challenges. You need to be physically fit and have sound knowledge about navigating in a cave to avoid injuring yourself and damaging your equipment.

Photo by: Photo Concierge

2. Work with different lenses

While wide-angle lenses are great to shoot larger caves, zoom lenses are essential for photographing inside a cave that is small. Therefore, carry at least three different range lenses to give yourself the flexibility to shoot a variety of photographs.

3. Know your camera settings

Photographing a cave means photographing with very limited light. It is therefore important that you know the technical side of lighting. You will definitely need additional light sources such as flashes and strobes. Remote-controlled off-camera flash units are a good option to light up the cave too. You can even capture images with one light source from different angles and then juxtapose them to create one image.

Photo by: Kurian Noby

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