3 Tips to Shoot Beautiful Stock Photos of Indian Spices

Spices are a gateway to a country’s culinary history and trends. They form a very visual subject for most food and stock photographers. The vibrant colours and diverse textures of spices make them very interesting to photograph and provides a photographer with an opportunity to be very creative. If you are planning to shoot stunning stock photos of Indian spices, here are some useful tips.

Photo by: PhotoConcierge

1. Use good backgrounds and props

Use textured wooden slabs as background to create a traditional and rustic look. Make use of muted props so that the spices are the shining elements in the frame. The use of right props is very important to create a mood for the images.

Photo by: PhotoConcierge

2. Lighting

Use subdued lighting such as a warm yellow light or a dim white light bulb to create a moody ambience. Play with the intensity of the light to make the images stand out.

Photo by: PhotoConcierge

3. Camera

It is recommended that you use a prime lens as it offers a lot of versatility to shoot creative images. Shoot in RAW in order to gain complete control over the editing process. You can use reflectors to add flattering highlights to the objects.

Photo by: PhotoConcierge

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