3 Ways to Promote Your Images on Facebook Organically

Facebook is the go-to platform for photographers to promote and market their work. With over two billion users signed up to the platform, it provides the perfect avenue for visual content creators to gain exposure for their work. That being said, it can be quite challenging to cut through competition and get your work seen. With the following strategies you can be assured of gaining some attention on Facebook, organically.

1. Post your visual content at the right time

A lot of research has been done on the best times to post on Facebook. The logic is very simple, by posting content when your target audience is online, you can boost your posts’ reach organically. Use Facebook Insights to identify when your fans are online and schedule your posts accordingly. Post during weekends when people are at leisure and have the time to visit their Facebook profiles frequently. 

2. Post consistently

Follow a consistent posting pattern. This way your followers will know when to look forward to your content. It is extremely vital that you put out quality content frequently, to develop a dedicated base of audience.

3. Use Facebook Insights to monitor the performance 

Use Facebook Insights to monitor the performance of your posts. Identify posts that are receiving good engagement based on the number of likes, shares and comments, and try to create similar posts. Insights will also provide you with information on the demographics of your fans to help tailor content accordingly. Create more content your fans find relatable to organically boost your Facebook reach.

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