5 Design Tips for Social Media Marketers to Level-Up

Be it products or services, social media marketers are increasingly using visual imagery to boost conversions and increase purchases. Now you don’t have to be a savvy designer to create effective marketing material. All you need is knowledge of the basic design principles and current industry trends. Here are a few valuable design tips and tricks to help enhance your social media messages.

  1. Keep your designs mobile friendly

Studies have found that a majority of web traffic is now driven by smartphones. Hence, it is extremely essential that designs are sized, cropped and optimised to ensure seamless mobile experience. Create designs that don’t look cluttered or complex when they are sized down. Make sure that the designs look sharp and clear even when they are compressed. Provide an enjoyable user experience to keep them coming back to your social media sites.

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  1. Maintain balance

Balance is one of the most basic and effective design principles that marketers must follow. Balance involves arranging the positive and negative elements in your design seamlessly. The goal should be to ensure that no element of the design overpowers the other. Balance can be symmetrical (when equal weights are on equal sides of the composition), asymmetrical (when unequal weights are place on each side of the composition), radial (when a visual balance is achieved through circles) and crystallographic balance (when identical visual elements are arranged evenly). Balance is extremely essential to create aesthetically pleasing designs.

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  1. Use negative space carefully

In a nutshell, negative space is the empty space around an object. The use of negative space can create powerful social media designs. Although designs with negative space are rather simple, they are very effective to highlight important elements. Negative space can be used generously to align elements in a design and give it a clean and uncluttered feel. For instance, you can highlight negative space by using images with a blurred out background. Additionally, negative spaces can be used in a clever combination with positive space to send out subtle messages.

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  1. Choose suitable typography

Typography is a very important parameter for social media designs. It creates a recall value for your brand or business and influences the way people receive your message. Experts often recommend marketers to use sans-serif fonts for the web. While choosing fonts, make sure that it is readable and easy on the eye. Avoid using more than three different typefaces in your design. Using appropriate text can transform the overall look of your design.


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  1. Use eye-catching colors

Color plays an indispensible role in attracting viewers’ attention. A study shows that color alone drives 90% of snap judgements made about products. Colors also influence the way viewers perceive the personality of the brand or business. They evoke different emotions and portray various meanings. For instance warm colors (red, yellow, orange) in designs reflect energy, enthusiasm and happiness. Whereas, cool colors (green, blue, purple) are more calm and relaxed. Therefore, choose colors depending on the message you are trying to convey and the emotions you are trying to evoke.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

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