5 Extraordinary Travel Photos by Deborah Sabadash

Deborah Sabadash is a high school English teacher in Toronto, Canada. She is a self-taught photographer who enjoys travelling and exploring different cultures. Photography has become a way to see things in a new light, to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. She shares her top five favourite travel photos with PhotoConcierge.

Photo 1: Garland Seller in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

“Before my first trip to India, I only photographed buildings and landscapes. In India, however, I discovered street photography and portraits. Almost everyone loved having their photo taken and seeing it afterwards….The camera became a bond between us, a way of communicating. I love this photo of a woman selling flower garlands and Prasad outside a temple in Orchha. Her gaze is so intense and interactive — you feel yourself pulled into her world.”

Photo 2: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

“Varanasi was one of the most fascinating places for me in India. The ghats in the early morning are magical — the colours and contours of the architecture slowly emerging from the mist. Life (and death) begins in earnest. This photo has a kind of mystical quality for me, with the  semi-submerged Shiva temple on the banks of the Ganges.”

Photo 3: Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

“The Grand Canal is of course the iconic image of Venice. Nowadays it is crammed with vaporetti (water buses), water taxis, and gondolas jammed with tourists. I love this photo, taken in the early morning before the bustle begins, because it captures a more serene and idyllic Venice. I deepened the colours a bit to bring out the drama of the colourful palazzi and the play of the water.”


Photo 4: Gondolier, Venice

“I caught this gondolier taking a break. I desaturated the photo to give it a more classic look. I like the simple lines. Not seeing his face captures for me the “idea” of Venice and gives it a sort of timeless quality — it reminds me of an earlier age.”

Photo 5: Amsterdam Reflections

“When I was in Amsterdam, a city of canals, I started to look into the water and noticed how, with the play of light, the architecture was reflected back on itself. Here, with a little help from Photoshop, I deepened the saturation which brought out the hidden colours and shapes….The result is a kind of magical, inverted, watery city…”

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