People do not want to stare at pages and pages of content anymore. As humans, we communicate visually and that is why images are paramount in marketing. Especially with the quick adoption of social media, where there is a limit on the number of characters, images have become even more important. From blogs to infographics, content has undergone a huge transition. Images are  part of everything and getting relevant images that suit the brand has become more complicated. A Photoshoot would cost a bomb, and using random images will cost the brand its image and also stand a chance of being sued in copyright infringement. So,  brands have started to move towards better alternatives like using Stock Websites and On demand Photography sites to help with their visual marketing. But even then, you don’t always get what you are asking for.  PhotoConcierge offers you a unique option where you can request for a photo from our community of contributors. With this you can make highly specific and customized image requests and our large community of photographers will respond with their submissions, from which you can choose the ones you like. Simple, right? Just for you, we have put together a 5 Step guide to understanding our Photo Request feature. Happy requesting!  Check out our Infographic here


Photo-Request-2 (5)



As already mentioned, the images are paramount in marketing, irrespective of whether it is online or offline. But that being said, certain images work well with certain kinds of media. What works for Print might not work in social media. And even under that, what works for Facebook might not work for Instagram. So the first step is identifying what you need the image for. Zero in on what platform it is going to be used on. Once this step is done, it will become easier to ask for the relevant image.



Signing up with PhotoConcirge is a simple process. Follow the link    https://www.photoconcierge.com/sign-up, fill in the details, verify the account and you are all set. Once verified, you can start enjoying the various benefits that PhotoConcierge offers. It is noteworthy that PhotoConcierge is free to use and does not charge any subscription for sign ups or participation. You can read the Terms of Service here, http://info.photoconcierge.com/terms-of-service/





Once the verification is done, the next step is simple. Creating a request with PhotoConcierge is as simple as picking a candy you like. After signing into the account, click on the Create a request option and on the page that follows, key in your request details. Specify details like, the name of the request, a short description, and key specifics to the photographer, and include any inspirational images, if any for reference. You can also mention the  end date for the request and the last step is specifying the budget for the images and what media it is going to be used for. Once the details are updated, just click on ‘Create a Request’ and your request will be up on our site for contributors to submit. Take  a look at our screenshot here.



Here is a request that is active on our website for you to get an idea, https://www.photoconcierge.com/requests/view/53


After the end date is over, you will see that the request will be closed for submissions and will say ’For review’.  Once the last date is up, you can shortlist the images you like from the submissions and nominate them according to your criteria. The submissions that you don’t nominate will go to the PhotoConcierge database and will be up on our website for purchase by the other users. For example, check out our current photo request for ‘color contrasts’ which is under review.





Once the nomination part is over, the next step is quite simple. Just pay for the images that you have shortlisted and purchase the exclusive rights to use them. Please note that the images that you have purchased is exclusively available only to you and will not be available to the rest of the buying community. However, the other images that are not purchaswd will be added to PhotoConcierge’s repository where a regular buyer can buy from. Once you have purchased the images, you are limited to its usage by the license type. You can read more about it here, http://info.photoconcierge.com/license-agreement

There, not too difficult was it? Just  five step approach to using our fail proof method of getting the right image. Brands and individuals in need of customized images can now purchase images that they require without any complications.

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