5 Ways to Earn Money as a Landscape Photographer

Creative thinking is an essential ingredient to make money as a landscape photographer. While it is quite hard to earn a living through landscape photography alone, there are many strategies you could incorporate to make it work. Here are a few revenue streams you can consider.

1. Conduct workshops, photo walks and online Photoshop lessons

Photo by: Vipin Pawar

If you are really good at your craft, workshops and online Photoshop lessons are a good way to earn money. Reach out to media colleges and corporate companies to tie-up for workshops. You can even organize photo walks where you guide a small group of people and teach them the tricks of the trade.

2. Start a blog

Content is king today. A blog will provide you with a platform to make money through many channels. For instance, you can sell ebooks, conduct online courses, sell your prints and make money through affiliate marketing or Google advertisements.

3. Generate a large following on social media

Photo by: Patrick Molloy

Although social media can bring in a lot of money, it is extremely competitive. So, unless your content is truly exceptional, you cannot rely on social media alone to earn money through landscape photography. Think of innovative concepts and ideas that have not been attempted before. Work on building a large following to make money through influencer marketing.

4. Become an influencer

Photo by: Kunal Sehrawat

Influencers earn a significant amount of money through sponsored and promotional posts. Once you have gained a significant following, brands will come to you to advertise their products and services.

5. Sell your work

Photo by: Ajith Kumar

The stock photography industry is constantly evolving. Put up your work on stock photography platforms like PhotoConcierge to reach out to brands and publications. You can even sell your prints at art fairs, galleries and to personal collectors.

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