6 Ways to Challenge Yourself As a Photographer

Are you stuck in a creative rut? It’s quite normal to feel like you lack inspiration at times. All you need to do to motivate yourself is break the monotony and experiment with new and exciting ideas. Photography offers you with endless opportunities to challenge yourself creatively. Here are a few fun ideas to keep you excited.

1. Focus on one color

Photo by: Sunila Nayak

One color palettes are all the rage this year. Pick a color and look for objects and subjects that fit the theme. Set out on a walk to find picture-worthy moments. The final result can provide you with an interesting set of images that could go up on your wall as a series.

2. Limit yourself to 20 shots

It’s very easy to get carried away and capture hundreds of photographs on a single photowalk. Restraining yourself to 20 shots is a good challenge you can set yourself, to improve your craft. This will require you to shift focus towards planning your shots better and think about your goals. As difficult as it may be in the beginning, this practice will definitely help you improve the quality of your photographs.

3. Sign up for a photo contest

Photo by: Gagan Verma

Photo contests are fun and rewarding. They motivate you to pick up your camera and experiment with different styles and genres of photography. Additionally, they kick your grey cells to action as you would have to think about the composition, camera settings and lighting to boost your chances of winning. Sign up for as many photo contests as you can, across several themes to keep your creativity flowing.

4. Shoot with one lens

Pick up your camera kit and select one lens. Shoot with it for an entire week. This will help you master the lens and assess when it could be used best. Ideally, select a lens with a fixed focal length as it comes with several challenges. Shooting with such a lens will require you to think about the position and the kind of shots that work best.

5. Learn new techniques

Photography is an ever-evolving craft. A great way to challenge yourself and set your work apart is by mastering new techniques. Try your hand at high-speed, motion blur or macro photography, all of which have taken over the digital photography space.

6. Go old school with film

Photo by: Ganesh V

Unlike digital cameras, film cameras don’t provide you with the luxury of taking about 30 frames of the same scene. They compel you to take sometime to think about your camera settings and composition before shooting, thus helping you to get the right shot in the very first go. Besides, film cameras offer an element of surprise, as opposed to the instant gratification that comes with digital photography these days.

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