6 Tips to Take Better Smartphone Videos

Recording cinematic videos has never been this easy. Most people today are equipped with smartphones that have amazing video recording capabilities. A few useful tips and little practice can go a long way in helping you shoot professional looking videos. Follow the below tips to master the craft of smartphone videography.

1. Take videos in landscape mode

Video by: Manasa Boggaram

Do you get put off by the vertical bars along the sides of a video? Avoid this common mistake by recording videos in landscape orientation. This will also help you cover more compositional elements within the frame.

2. Use both hands while filming

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Use both hands while filming and lock your elbows into your body for stability while recording videos. This will reduce camera shake, ensure image stabilisation and control the movement of a shot. You can also consider investing on smartphone tripods and tripod mounting systems to record professional videos.

3. Focus on appealing composition

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Follow the classic rules of composition to create professional looking videos. Make sure you place the subject in such a way that the viewers’ eyes are drawn towards it. A good way to start is by using the rule of thirds. Include the points of interest where the lines intersect. Additionally, choose interesting angles and play with depth of field to create a professional cinematographic look.

4. Use appropriate lighting

Video by: Manasa Boggaram

Lighting can make or break your video. If you are just starting out, learn to use the available lighting to shoot visually appealing videos. While shooting outdoors, pick a spot where the lighting is even. Change your position and video angles to adjust the lighting. Avoid strongly back-lit scenes as it can create unflattering silhouettes.

5. Invest in a professional video camera app

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Professional video camera apps will provide you with the flexibility of controlling your smartphone camera manually. It also enables you to record at maximum bit rate. You can also play around with the ISO and shutter speed to control the exposure. Invest on a good video camera app to shoot cinematic videos.

6. Use video editing apps

Video by: PhotoConcierge 

Download a good video editing app to enhance and stitch multiple videos together. The new-age video editing apps allow you to trim videos; adjust color and brightness; add transitions, titles and effects; include background music, voiceover and narration. These apps provide a sea of opportunities to spice up your videos.

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