A Photographer’s Guide to Building a Community

According to Chase Jarvis, a visionary photographer, entrepreneur and fine artist, creating and sharing amazing photographs is just half the work. In his video, “the Other 50% no one talks about”, he talks about what photographers need to do to engage people and build a community.

Putting out content online without getting any response from users is like talking to an empty room. You need to put in considerable effort to get people to talk about your work and make a name for yourself on the Internet.

Watch the below video to get started:


Below are some of the important inferences you can draw from Jarvis’s video to build a large and most importantly, a loyal community of followers.

  1. Define your target audience and engage with them throughout the content production process. Find out what they would like to see and create content that fits well with their interests.
  2. Meet your target audience face-to-face. The best way to go about this is by attending conferences or meet-ups.
  3. Indulge in meaningful conversations with other photographers. Ask questions, comment on their work, and boost your online presence by participating on forums and blogs.
  4. Be known for your interaction with your community. Your followers need to find you approachable and easy to interact with.
  5. This process shouldn’t end once you get a large following. Keep working towards building your community. You need to up your game as you reach different milestones to rise ahead of the competition.

Jarvis stresses the importance of being patient through this entire process. Building a community is a slow process and it requires a lot of attention and effort. Remain persistent and focus on putting out the best content and engaging with people to reach your goals.

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