Awesome DIY Hacks to Improve Your Photos

Amazing photographs need not be a result of using expensive or state-of-the-art equipment. You can produce stunning images without it costing a limb and an eye. We’ve put together some cool hacks to help you capture aesthetically pleasing photographs with nothing but everyday household items. So gather some stationary and get ready to create your very own equipments.

  1. Use a small piece of cardboard instead of a flash bouncer

Using the camera flash can sometimes produce harsh contrasts and shadows. To give your images a softer look, it is often advised to diffuse the intensity of direct flash. You can make your own diffuser with a piece of white cardboard. Even a white business card will do the trick.  Just place the cardboard in front of the flash and shoot to capture appealing portraits.


Photo Credit: Kevin JeyaKumar

  1. Use Vaseline to capture vintage style photographs

If you want to give your photograph a retro or an old school chic look, use this simple hack. Vintage photographs are often distorted around the edges. To achieve a slight distortion and a vintage-inspired distressed look, use a dab of Vaseline. Yes, you read that right. Just dab some Vaseline around the edges of your lens filter and begin to shoot. Use cheap filters that you can throw away after every use.

Brussels - 201-original-wm

Photo Credit: Sigel Eschkol

  1. Use coffee cup sleeves as lens hoods

Lens hoods play an indispensible role in preventing glare and lens flare. They make a significant difference to photographs. For instance, pictures taken with a lens hood can have richer colours and deeper saturation. You can use a coffee cup sleeve as a makeshift lens hood. All you have to do is wrap the narrow end of the sleeve around your camera lens. So the next time you go out for a coffee, remember to keep the sleeve. It could be the difference between a good shot and an awesome one.


Photo Credit: Supraja Srinivasan

  1. Use white mount boards or aluminium foil as reflectors

Whether you are shooting indoors or outdoors, reflectors are essential to bounce off excessive light. They are indispensible resources for portrait shoots as they add appealing catch lights in the subjects’ eyes. You can use a white mount card to eliminate shadows while taking indoor portrait shoots. Additionally you could use small squares of aluminium foil stuck on a foam board for still life photography. They do a great deal in adding natural highlights to the objects.

Creative direction Marion Guilloteau and photography by Rannjan Joawn

  1. Use an empty toilet paper tube to make a macro lens

Macro lens can be quite expensive to purchase. Use this hack to transform your standard lens to a macro lens without having to spend a single penny. The trick lies in placing an empty toilet paper tube between your camera body and lens. Start by making cuts on one end of the tube to insert the lens in it. Next, attach the other end of the tube to the camera body. Make sure you clean the dust on the tube before attaching it to your camera body.

When you click an image, the camera will notify that the lens is not attached. Hence, switch to manual mode and adjust the parameters yourself. Point your camera at a subject that is a few millimetres away from the lens and shoot.


Photo Credit: Bhanu Dhiman

The beauty of photography, as in all other art forms, is that creativity takes precedence over everything else. Don’t let complicated equipments or accessories to intimidate you from clicking beautiful photographs. Use the above hacks and start uploading to PhotoConcierge soon!

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