Photo Series: Monks of Bhutan

Hailed as the Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan is the world’s only Buddhist country, where traditional Buddhist culture blends in harmoniously with the modern age. In addition to picturesque landscapes, the country is dotted with beautiful monasteries and temple fortresses called Dzongs. Monks form a significant part of the Bhutanese society and are revered by people from all walks of life. Here’s a look into the Monks of Bhutan, beautifully captured by Gagan Verma, Raghav Sethi and G Venkat Ram.

Tips to Improve your Surfing Photography

Surfing is gaining a lot of popularity and momentum in India, what with the number of festivals and events dedicated to the sport. India is home some really exquisite surfing destinations and is slowly gaining recognition from surfers the world over. Naturally, this makes it a good subject for photographers to cover.

Here are a few tips that will help you get better at surfing photography and capture some amazing images of the Indian Open of Surfing, 2107.

5 Tips to Get the Best Close-up Photographs of Birds

The elegance in their flight and the beauty they possess, make birds wonderful subjects for photography. Whilst photographing birds can come with its own challenges, the entire experience can prove to be enlightening. Not only do you get to capture them in their habitat but also glean interesting facts about their secretive nature. Here are a few tips to get amazing bird photographs.

How to Get Children to Pose for Magical Pictures


Children are wonderful subjects for portrait photographs. They are filled with energy, positivity and innocence. They offer a sea of opportunities to capture real and authentic emotions. However, things may not exactly pan out the way we want them to, when photographing children. They may throw a tantrum, become cranky or feel uncomfortable to pose in front of a camera. Here are a few strategies to get children to pose and create magic on screen.