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10 Amazing Places You Must Visit in Europe

Europe is a diverse continent dotted with beautiful landscapes, gorgeous countrysides, quaint towns and eclectic cities. It is the perfect place for travel photographers to capture their best photographers and completely get lost in its eternal beauty. Here are some stunning images by Deborah Sabadash and her view of Europe. If you are looking for the most picture-perfect spots to tick off in your bucket list, these are the ones.

A Photographer’s Guide to Building a Community

building a community

Putting out content online without getting any response from users is like talking to an empty room. You need to put in considerable effort to get people to talk about your work and make a name for yourself on the Internet. Creating and sharing your photographs is only half the work. The remaining 50% is all about building a community. Here are a few tips to get started.

5 Extraordinary Travel Photos by Deborah Sabadash


Deborah Sabadash is a high school English teacher in Toronto, Canada. She is a self-taught photographer who enjoys travel and exploring different cultures. Photography has become a way to see things in a new light, to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. She shares her top five five favourite images from her travels with PhotoConcierge.

Photo Story: A Modern Day Gurukulam

The Gurukulam system marked the beginning of education in Ancient India and it continues to prevail in several states including Tamil Nadu. A Gurukulam is a place where shishyas (students) and the Guru (teacher) live together and pursue Vedic education. The students live together, irrespective of their social standing. This photo series by Shankar Narayan shows how the modern day Gurukulams are keeping the concept of inculcating discipline, imparting religious knowledge and preparing students to face the world, alive.

Tête-à-tête with the Creator of Marion Toy

This week, we are in conversation with Mári Dimitrouli. She is a talented artist and photographer renowned on social media as Marion Toy. Marion creates stunning conceptual art photographs that is brimming with creativity, colors and imagination. She has studied Graphic Design and has been working as an Art Director in advertising companies and art studios for the last 13 years. Her project Marion Toy is a one woman show. She handles everything right from concept, art direction, paper constructions(props), styling, hair & makeup, posing and photo shooting to editing.