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5 Simple Tips to Photograph the Independence Day Parade

India is gearing up to celebrate its 70th year of independence from the British Raj, come August 15th. The independence day parade held in the capital every year is a huge spectacle and draws in hordes of enthusiastic Indians. The parade is watched by millions of Indians and its photos are circulated widely. If you are in Delhi this independence day and are photographing the event, follow these simple hacks to get beautiful pictures of the parade.

3 Ways to Promote Your Images on Facebook Organically

Facebook is the go-to platform for photographers to promote and market their work. With over two billion users signed up to the platform, it provides the perfect avenue for visual content creators to gain exposure for their work. That being said, it can be quite challenging to cut through competition and getting your voice heard. With the following strategies you can be assured of gaining some attention on Facebook, organically.

Tips to Improve your Surfing Photography

Surfing is gaining a lot of popularity and momentum in India, what with the number of festivals and events dedicated to the sport. India is home some really exquisite surfing destinations and is slowly gaining recognition from surfers the world over. Naturally, this makes it a good subject for photographers to cover.

Here are a few tips that will help you get better at surfing photography and capture some amazing images of the Indian Open of Surfing, 2107.