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5 Tips to Get the Best Close-up Photographs of Birds

The elegance in their flight and the beauty they possess, make birds wonderful subjects for photography. Whilst photographing birds can come with its own challenges, the entire experience can prove to be enlightening. Not only do you get to capture them in their habitat but also glean interesting facts about their secretive nature. Here are a few tips to get amazing bird photographs.

How to Get Children to Pose for Magical Pictures


Children are wonderful subjects for portrait photographs. They are filled with energy, positivity and innocence. They offer a sea of opportunities to capture real and authentic emotions. However, things may not exactly pan out the way we want them to, when photographing children. They may throw a tantrum, become cranky or feel uncomfortable to pose in front of a camera. Here are a few strategies to get children to pose and create magic on screen.

5 Extraordinary Travel Photos by Deborah Sabadash


Deborah Sabadash is a high school English teacher in Toronto, Canada. She is a self-taught photographer who enjoys travel and exploring different cultures. Photography has become a way to see things in a new light, to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. She shares her top five five favourite images from her travels with PhotoConcierge.

3 Things that Make a Powerful Photograph


According to an internet trends report, over 1.8 billion photographs are uploaded to the internet every day. That’s 657 billion photographs per year. We are living in an era where visual content is ubiquitous. The race to stand out and be the best is always at it’s peak.

Viewers are constantly on the lookout for fresh, real and authentic content. Furthermore, they understand current trends well and tend to engage better with out of the box content. We at PhotoConcierge are here to analyse what works best for viewers and help visual content creators deliver the best.