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christian aslund,buy pictures online, buy stock photos,buy photos onlineImage Source: GrungecakeSwedish photographer based out of Stockholm, Christian Aslund is one of the most versatile photographers in contemporary times. With a repertoire that includes everything from war and conflict to environment and human rights, from commercial efforts for fashion and ad campaigns with a renewed approach, to sport and landscape, Christian Aslund’s work is really pretty much everything that the lens can capture. He has a background as a photojournalist and has worked with a slew of newspapers, magazines and NGOs across the world, documenting in pictorial form, a range of armed conflicts, environmental and social issues. His work pool also involves shoots for commercial and editorial photography, capturing life’s moments with a real godzila christian aslund ,free image stock photos,buy pictures online, buy stock photos,buy photos onlineImage Source: Christian AslundAmong his repertoire, the photographs he titles “Baby Godzillas” capture the Marine iguanas of the Galapagos islands in their natural habitat. Christian Aslund comes forth as the perfect observer – as his keen eye has found the most profound moments in the life of flora and fauna, which he preserves on Polaroid effortlessly. We often hear of the environment and its current crises – but lending it a human face through photography drives home the message in style, as Aslund’s phenomenal repertoire through his collections “Human Impacts of Overfishing in Kiribati, Pacific Ocean” and the collection called “Overfishing in West Africa” prove.Christian aslund frozen in time svalbard,free website stock photos,buy pictures online, buy stock photos,buy photos onlineImage Source: Christian AslundIn his collection called “Frozen in Time”, Aslund revives the ghost town of Pyramiden, Svalbard through his photos. Pyramiden Ghost Town, Svalbard. Pyramiden is a Russian settlement and coal mining community on the archipelago of Svalbard, Norway. Founded by Sweden in 1910 and sold to the Soviet Union in 1927, Pyramiden was closed in 1998 and has since remained largely abandoned with most of its infrastructure and buildings still in place. Capturing the white lands of the snowy North Pole on the one side, he also brings alive the voices of indigenous communities through his collection “Voices of the North”. He also lent a human face to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster through his work, and Hurricane Katrina. His collections titled “Reclaim Power Demonstration”, “Global Warming – Glaciers” and “Borneo – Save The Orangutan” bring alive some of the pressing concerns in the world today, and make you think.Christian aslund 2d retro,photography stock photos,buy pictures online, buy stock photos,buy photos onlineImage Source: Christian AslundOn the commercial front, Christian Aslund’s recent work which paid a tribute to retro 2D video games using the streets of Hong Kong as a backdrop are terrific and praiseworthy. The photos were taken as a part of an ad campaign that was put together for the global shoe brand, Jim Rickey. Aslund’s choice of models lay flat on the streets and the sidewalks, and he used photography to tap into the unique perspective to present them as photographs. The wide-angle nature of these shots were captured from quite a height, and really brings the world of 2D video games alive in style!

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