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PhotoConcierge, a collaborative digital marketplace for both photographers and buyers  receive hundreds of photographs everyday as submissions to its platform While we are enthused by the response and support, we end up rejecting 2 out of 5 images for various reasons. This blog is a compilation of all those aspects that our Curator expects when you upload your images.

Nature Of Image

The images that are getting uploaded on the platform are seen by buyers. Therefore it is important that they are:

  • Sharp
  • Composed Well
  • Has an artistic element to it
  • Watermarks are not allowed. Sale of images happen instantly and it would be quite impossible to make the buyers to wait while the photographers remove their watermarks.
  • Upload images that you own! Photographs shot for clients are the property of the client.
Summer collection_2

Photo Credit Dina Belenko

Size of Image

From our experience, buyers prefer to purchase high resolution images. It is imperative that the best possible resolution is uploaded. We recommend a minimum of 1500 px calculated on the longest side of the image and a minimum of 300 dpi.


Photo Credit Varun Aditya

Titles And Tags

Put yourselves in the shoes of the buyers when you upload images – they have no idea who you are, leave alone your skill sets. In order to make your imageries visible, title them as clearly as possible. Example: If you have shot a photo of Sun rise by beach, the right title would be ‘Beautiful Sun Rise By Beach In Australia’ and not ‘Rising Sun’ or ‘Hello World’. While these titles are catchy, they do no good to the photographers and the buyers. Tagging is the second important level and fortunately, once you upload the images on, the system automatically picks up the tags. Although you get auto tags, it is always wise to check them thoroughly and throw in some additional tag if required.


Photo Credit AJIT SN


At PhotoConcierge, we believe that your art should be priced only by you. Hence please price them appropriately and never forget that on our platform you own the Copyright!

Yoga Journal Live San Diego Yoga Journal Live San Diego 2014

Photo Credit Tony Felgueiras

Upload Only Your Best

Besides acting as a digital marketplace, we also take up On Demand Photography Request from our buyers and this makes us all the more important in the current situation. Such Requests or Contents are regularly put up on our platform with a very clear briefing on the image requirements. Sadly, many photographers upload images that do not meet the briefing or have not gone creative enough.

We also look for photographers to associate with us on photoshoots. The only way we could possible know you better is when you upload your best. Trust us, when you upload the best of the photographs, it will never go unnoticed.


Photo Credit Elad Itzkin

Model/ Property Release

While we appreciate creativity, we also insist on images shot within the legal purview. Photographers who have shot people/ models/ faces are requested to obtain Model Releases, where you seek their permission to use the image for commercial purposes. Similarly, Property Release from appropriate authorities are essential.


Photo Credit Roehan Rengadurai


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