Frequently Asked Questions

What is Photo Concierge? How does it work?

PhotoConcierge is a digital marketplace that brings artists and buyers together. It is a global marketplace for photography, illustrations and videography (called “Media”), offering on-demand creative imagery. Our community of Photographers, Illustrators and Videographers (called “Contributors”) create customized and exclusive stock content, where Buyers can search and licence media. Brands, companies and individuals (called “Buyers”), based on their specific media and budget requirements, can create custom “Requests” and our contributors can respond by submitting their media for the buyers requests.

I am excited to sign up! What is the next step?

Signing up with PhotoConcierge is very easy. Click on the sign-up button located on the top right corner of the main page. Fill in all the required information, choose whether you want buy artwork, sell artwork or buy and sell artwork. Check the terms and conditions box and hit enter. A verification email will be sent to your registered email account. Verify your account to perform the next few steps in the registration process.

If you are a seller, you will be redirected to an upload page where you have to upload five best media from your collection. Minimum resolution of images need to be 4MP, with 1000px on longer edge. Click “Finish” once all five media are uploaded. Your account will then go through a moderation process and once approved, you will be able to complete your profile and start selling images. A team of curators will check your content for originality, authenticity, visual appeal and a variety of other factors. Your account may be rejected if the images you have submitted don’t meet our curation guidelines or don’t belong to you.

If you are a buyer, you can start purchasing images from the platform soon after verifying your account.

If you are a buyer and seller, the process of registration is the same as that of the seller, as mentioned above.

Which browser can I use to open your website?

We support all major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE10 onwards, Microsoft Edge).

Does PhotoConcierge have an Android or iOS app?

Buying and selling visual content has never been easier. You can now use our Android app available on Google Play or our iOS app available on App Store, today!

Android app:

iOS app:

Do I have to mention my social handles?

Provide a link to at least one of your social media handles in the “Account Details” tab in your “Account Settings” page. This is a mandatory field and you will not be able to use your account, until at least one of your social handles has been updated.

For Contributors

What kind of images/videos/vectors can I upload?

While building your account on PC, you should ideally submit media that is beautiful with a commercial appeal. Additionally they should be sharp, clean and unique. We do not put a limit on the size of media but a high quality and high resolution media is always preferable. The more media you upload, the better the chance of getting noticed and going up the PC User Level ranking.  When submitting to a Request, refer to the client’s brief.

The acceptable media formats are:

Images: raw, jpeg, jpg, pjpeg, png and tiff
Vectors: ai, pdf and eps
Videos: avi, mp2, mpa, mpe, mpeg, mpg, mpv2, mp4, ogv, ogg, mov, qt, webm, mkv, mk3d, mka, mks, asf, wma and wmv

I have media that I want to put up, how do I upload my media to sell on your platform?

Sign into your profile and use the “upload media” option to start sharing and getting responses. Quote your prices, fill in all the details for the media and you are good to go!

I have uploaded my media but it is not published and continues to show that it is awaiting approval on the platform. What do I do?

As a policy, we moderate all media that is shared on our platform. We don’t allow media which is libellous, defamatory, obscene, blasphemous, pornographic, harmful to minors, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, sacrilegious, fraudulent or is otherwise objectionable.  Once your media is approved by our moderators, it will be published on the platform. The approval may take 48 hrs as we receive huge amount of media every day. So, please be patient.

Are all my submitted photos put up for sale?

Once a photograph submitted by you is approved by PhotoConcierge, they are automatically up for sale.

I have many photos on Instagram. Can I submit from there?

Instagram only allows photos of 612px or smaller, which is a very small size for our buyer’s needs. You can however, upload the high resolution of the same image.

How do I price my images?

You can set your own price for the original resolution under a standard license. The prices for other resolutions and licence types is calculated according to the following estimates.

What is your content moderation policy?

Media which is libellous, defamatory, obscene, blasphemous, pornographic, harmful to minors, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, sacrilegious, fraudulent or is otherwise objectionable, will not be approved.

Media which violates Terms of Service, will also not be approved.

Why was my media rejected?

It may have been rejected because of our content moderation policy as mentioned above. If you feel that your media has been wrongly rejected, write to us.

How should I caption my media? What kinds of keywords should I be using?

Captions and keywords are the most important aspects of uploading your media. Since your media can be searched for on our platform by prospective buyers, using appropriate keywords on your media is extremely important. Make sure that you give preference to the location, subject, theme, object, effects and filters, among other things.

What size of media is acceptable?

Images need to be minimum 4MP, 1000 px on longer edge and should be 100KB or more. We recommend that for a web resolution - a minimum of 72 dpi - and for print - a minimum of 300 dpi - should be uploaded. Submit high resolution images to increase the chances of selling your media.

Is it mandatory that all my images/videos be shot using only high end cameras? 

Mobile phone images and videos are promoted, and equally desired. Mobile phones allow us to capture moments on the spot in real time, as they happen. This type of content is extremely valuable.  Additionally, mobile phone cameras are more popular and their capabilities are far greater than ever before. In short, we welcome all photos, whether they are shot using high-end cameras or mobile phone cameras. The PhotoConcierge Mobile App will be functional soon and you can upload directly from it as well!

How many images can I submit per Request?  

The number of submissions allowed for a Request depends on your current User Level on our platform. Level up to gain more privileges on the platform. Refer to our Leveling System for more details.

Am I allowed to submit the same image in response to many Requests at one time on PhotoConcierge?

We suggest not to submit same image in multiple Requests. Since Requests are based on highly custom driven briefs, no two briefs are technically the same, or even comparable. Therefore, contributors should submit a new image to each Request.

I am not able to submit my images to a Request. Why?

If you live outside India, you need to enter your PayPal details in your PhotoConcierge account post which you can submit to Requests. It may also be that your current User Level at PhotoConcierge does not allow you to participate in the Request. Refer to our Leveling System for more details.

Can I submit media that I have shot and already shared on another public forum?

Yes, if you are the owner of the media, you are free to share it with us. However, the goal for our contributors should always be to respond directly to a custom Request with a customized media.

Am I allowed to remove my media from Photo Concierge?

Yes, since you are the one who posts your own media in your dashboard, you are free to remove them at any time. However, if your media has been submitted to a particular request, you will not be able to remove or if it is purchased, you will not be able to revoke the purchase.

What are the various license types under which my media will be sold?

For information on various types of licences and usages, please refer to our License Agreement.

My media was sold and I earned money! How do I get it?

All transactions on our platform are carried via PayPal/CC Avenue.  The earned money will reflect in your PayPal account. In case of CC Avenue gateway, it will be escrowed in your PhotoConcierge account. Once the escrowed amount crosses USD 5 (or its equivalent INR amount calculated at the prevalent exchange rate), it’ll be transferred in your bank account. For more details, refer to the “Payments and Consideration” section of Contributor Agreement.

How much money do I earn when my media sells?

When your media is sold, you earn 75% value of your quoted price. 25% is PhotoConcierge’s transaction fees.

Do I need to pay taxes on money earned on Photo Concierge?

It depends on your local country laws.

Why did I receive a different amount from the price posted on the request?

Buyers put up the price that he is willing to pay per media. PhotoConcierge collects transaction fees (25% of the quoted price) for each sale at the time of transaction. Also, there could be tax deductions as per your country laws.

Why do Requests put up by buyers differ in price?

Buyers are given the freedom to determine the price and budget for their own requests. This is why prices vary.


I want to upload media with people in them. Do I need to take permission from them?

When you submit a media to PhotoConcierge you agree that you have the rights to sell it, having taken permission from people in the media.. You will need a written permission in the form of a Model Release for commercial use.  By accepting the Terms of Service at PhotoConcierge, you automatically indicate compliance with model releases and related laws on privacy, copyrights and ownership.

What is property release? Do I need it?

Property release is a formal permission taken from recognizable trademarks or brand identities, or properties such as store signs, branded products, logos of products and services and other kinds of property. If your media contain prominent images of these, you require a release from the owners of such trademarks, brand identities, properties, branded products, logos of products or services and such other property. By agreeing to the Terms of Service at PhotoConcierge, you automatically indicate compliance with the laws relating to property releases.

Do I need permission to take photographs/shoot videos in certain locations?

This entirely depends on the venue where your media is taken. When you take a photograph/shoot a video at a public place, you do not need permissions; it also varies from country to country. But when you take a photograph/shoot a video at a private space, or in a place where prior approval is required, you do require permission. By agreeing to the Terms of Service at PhotoConcierge, you automatically indicate compliance with the laws relating to permissions and privacy.

Am I allowed to submit someone else’s media?

No, you are not allowed to submit someone else’s media. You are allowed to submit only those media that you have ownership rights over by virtue of having shot yourself, or by virtue of having been given the rights to sell the media. If a contributor uploads another person’s media without prior arrangements authorizing such uploading, it amounts to a violation of their copyright. PhotoConcierge reserves the right to terminate the account of any contributor who has been reported as uploading content that belongs to others.

What does PhotoConcierge do when made aware of copyright infringements?

As soon as we come across any issues concerning copyright infringement, we begin with an investigation and follow the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Both parties are sent a notification, and the contributor is asked to take down the infringing media within a stipulated time. Failing to do so will lead to deactivation of their account.

For Buyers

How much PhotoConcierge charge to use their platform?

PhotoConcierge is free to use. We do not charge any subscription fees for sign up and participation.

I want particular photos for a requirement, how do I go about it?

You login in your PhotoConcierge account, use the “Create a Request” option to provide details of your image requirements. Please note, the amount entered in Budget is the price you are willing to pay per image.

I have created my request, but can’t see it on the platform.

As a policy, we moderate all request on our platform. We don’t allow Requests which are libellous, defamatory, obscene, blasphemous, pornographic, harmful to minors, indecent, lewd, harassing, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusive, inflammatory, sacrilegious, fraudulent or is otherwise objectionable.

Once your request is approved by our moderators, it will be published on the platform.

The approval may take up to 48 hrs as we receive multiple requests per day. So, please be patient.

When does my Request end?

The submissions to your Request ends on the date you mention while creating a request. Further, you can modify the end date or reopen a closed request as per your requirement. However, you can purchase the images post the end date.

Can I communicate to contributors about changes to my Request?

Changes made to the request, will be visible on the platform.

How long does it take to receive submissions to my Request?

It depends entirely on the photographers. However, we recommend that you provide a clear description of your requirement while creating a request so that you get quick, relevant submissions.

Can I modify/ delete my Request?

You can modify the end date, description etc. of your Request at any time and also close the Request beforehand.  However, you can’t cancel or delete a Request; it will still show on the platform but will be closed for submissions.

How can I make use of a photograph I’ve purchased on PhotoConcierge?

It is determined by the usage specified by the Contributor and is limited by the license type you have purchased. As a buyer, you are required to adhere with applicable legislation regarding the publication of photos and you are responsible for securing any required releases prior to publication.

For more details on licenses, please refer License Agreement.

What type of benchmarks can I upload when I create a brief for an image Request?

A requestor may choose to upload inspirational images that represents the idea they have in mind, or is close to what they want to receive, in order to give the contributors ideas, in addition to as much information as possible.

What payment options are supported on your platform?

Buyers can purchase media via their PayPal account or CC Avenue gateway. We are working on making other payment options.

Can I create a lightbox?

We have created a special feature to help you keep all the images you like in one place. You can create a lightbox and add all the images you like into it. You can then shortlist images that want to buy.

How to create a lightbox?

Click on the Plus sign under an image in a media detail page. You will get a pop-up saying “Add to Lightbox”. Enter the name of the lightbox and click create. You can then add images into the lightbox you have created. You can create multiple light boxes, which you can access in the “My Lightboxes” section of your profile.


If I sell my media does the buyer get to keep it?

No, the copyright always remains with you. When you sell media on PhotoConcierge, a buyer is only licensing the right to use the media from you.

How can I use the purchased media?

Media that are sold on PhotoConcierge may be used for personal or commercial use. They can be used in prints, magazines, blogs, advertising projects, websites, presentations and videos across all media platforms subject to the licences terms.

If you didn’t find your answers in our FAQs, please contact us directly via email and/or call us, and we’ll hop on board to help you.