How Life Begins-World’s First Photograph Shot by an Endoscope

Shot in 1965, How Life Begins was the world’s first photograph shot by an endoscope. Although not technically in line with what one would construe as photography, the picture was a beautiful capture that showed the world what creation looked like. At a time when science had made plenty of developments, and old beliefs and superstitions were slowly giving way to pragmatism, there was a paradigm shift in attitudes towards such things as procreation.

How life begins

Photo Credits: Pinterest

For the most part of the world, the concept of creation, birth and procreation began to slowly shift from a place of superstition, tradition and covert exchanges, to a place of scientific enquiry and qualitative understanding of reality.

The photograph of the embryo in the early stages of the gestation period represents a path-breaking understanding and portrayal of science. Taking science to the common man was challenging: even as scientific enquiry and education had indeed become a more institutionalised mode of thinking, there were still questions that prevented the common man – standing at the fringes of the world of science – from comprehending what he was shown. To this end, there was a realistic route to comprehension, with this picture from the endoscope.


Photo Credits: Wikipedia

Today, the endoscope is a purely medical device, or a scientific device – where its photography informs diagnosis and conclusive prognosis. But in the early days of medicine and the endoscope’s use, this capture is a terrific milestone in science, worthy of curation for posterity.

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