How to make gorgeous picture-worthy cupcakes?

Have a party coming up? Wondering what to bake? Well here’s how you can make perfect, drool-picture-worthy cupcakes! Master the art of prettying up the cupcakes you bake and leave your friends & family awestruck by your baking creations!


Photo Credit: Rohith Sarcar

Before we start, here’s an important tip to make fluffy cupcakes. Using an ice-cream scoop to fill the cupcake cases with mixture will help you make your cupcakes even, ensuring you have an even amount of mixture in each cupcake case and the cupcakes rise to the same height. Once these cupcakes are ready, you can decorate them in a variety of ways. We’ve listed down a few exciting ways in this blog. Read on!

Churro Cupcakes

Love churros? Love cupcakes? How about bringing them both together into a moist cinnamon spiced cupcakes topped with vanilla butter cream and garnish with a crispy baked churro! And there you have your perfect and irresistible churro cupcakes!


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Watermelon Cupcakes

These cupcakes will be a delight to the eyes of your guests and especially the kids! Brighten up the party with this simple recipe – just add red and green food coloring to your recipe and mix chocolate chip seeds into the batter and you will have colorful watermelon look alike cupcakes ready


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

 Owl Cupcakes

Put cream filled chocolate biscuits on top of the cupcake next to each other like in the picture below and use chocolate M&M’s or gems to make eyes & nose of an owl, break a biscuit into two halves and place it on top of the eyes to finish the look of the owl.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

 Snowfall Cupcakes

Perfect for a snow themed party, these cupcakes will definitely be star of the show! Add some butter cream and top it up with mini marshmallows! Alternatively, you can also use butter cream like done in the picture below.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Sunflower Cupcakes

Another interesting way of making your cupcakes look awesome is to top them up with bright & cheery sunflowers! Not the real ones ofcourse but by piping yellow-tinted frosting into petal shapes and you can use fudge ice cream topping for the center of each flower.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

 Lemon curd Cupcakes

Make these cupcakes for that Sunday brunch you’ve been planning on a bright sunny day! All you need is some butter cream and lemon curd. These luscious cupcakes don’t just look great, they taste like little pieces of heaven!


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

 Honeybee cupcakes

These are perfect for a spinster or a bridal shower, basically the ‘To-be(bee)’ parties, like in the picture below, these honeybee cupcakes are nicely displayed on the table for a bridal shower for the ‘BEEautiful Mommy-to-BEE’!


Photo Credit: Shefalii Dadabhoy

So go and try these easy tricks at home and forget to post pictures of your creations in the comments below or on our Facebook page! Happy Baking!

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