Lensational partners with PhotoConcierge for Ethical Stock Photography

June 17, 2016

We are excited to announce our most recent partnership with PhotoConcierge, a digital marketplace for photography, illustrations and videos based in Bangalore, India. The key objectives of this collaboration, which follows our encounter at the Chennai Photo Biennale this year, are to give a social value to photography, and to further Lensational’s mission of empowering women from marginalised communities globally.

At Lensational, we believe in the transformative power of images, and in the importance of achieving a fairer representation of women and the Global South in stock photography. PhotoConcierge share a common mission and ideal to give imagery a true social value, and we are delighted to be teaming up with their platform to showcase and sell the content ideated by the women we work with.

“We believe our partnership will bring the much-needed gender and ethnic diversity to stock photography. This will also result in extra income for the marginalised women and girls that Lensational works with across nine developing countries, from India to Kenya.”, explains Lensational’s co-founder Bonnie Chiu.

Speaking about the partnership, PhotoConcierge’s co-founder Shefaiii Dadabhoy said : “At PhotoConcierge, we believe in the power of pictures to move the world, and we are excited to collaborate with Lensational on their journey to support, empower and amplify new and important voices”

Lensational has provided training to more than 300 women in the developing world since 2013. Their photographs will be available to purchase on PhotoConcierge’s digital platform. Visit the platform at photoconcierge.com

As published on : Lensational