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Be it a leading brand or a start up, the trend these days is to reach out to the consumers directly through social media campaigns. This means that their need for fresh imagery is endless. Of all the genre of photography – lifestyle photos are the most sought after. But the term ‘Lifestyle Photography’ is an ocean by itself, which brings this question, where does one start? PhotoConcierge, after having done significant research on its platform  and with the general industry trend has compiled ‘the most grounded tips’ for lifestyle photography. 

List Down The Genre 

It is true that lifestyle pretty much covers everything – lifestyle of the rich and the famous and of the poor and also people who are caught in the middle. There is grandeur on one side and there is reality on the other side. They are all lifestyle. We could have a photograph of a person taking a helicopter for work and also have a farmer who is working endlessly on his farm. To be precise, lifestyle shots offer sneak peeks to a life one would like to lead, which is the very reason why they are popular among brands. Vacations, Wealth, Fine Dining, Shopping, Family, Work Place, Play Time, Retirement, Health are all some examples of this genre. 

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Photo Credit: Guru Charan

Which Industry Do You Want To Cater To

Now that we have the basic idea in place, we move on to the specifics. Which industry would you like to cater to. Due to the vastness of the genre, it could be tough to get those perfect imageries for all of them. It would be wise to select the industry that one would like to specialise in and plan a proper photoshoot. Lets say it is of a group of young people catching up after a long time – it needs to capture their emotions, moods and the beauty of their environment around. If it is a hospital – it needs to have the infrastructure captured appropriately besides capturing doctors and patients. 

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Photo Credit: GVenket Ram

Focus On Real People 

We had published a blog which captured the photography trends for year 2017. It very clearly said that brands are looking for photographs of real people doing work in their workplace. This means that photographers need to focus on authentic people in their environment. Period! Buyers are very keep to buy humanity at its true essence, where their consumers can directly relate to it.

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Photo Credit: Siva Thanu


All those lessons on photography will help you in great deal when it comes to LifeStyle Photography. Remember the rule of one-thirds? If not, divide the photos into a grid of nine boxes and place the main subject across the gridlines. Ensure to capture the warm light and if you are shooting with a building at the backdrop, ensure to get property release. Bohemian style of photography or the filter is also picking up a lot of pace amongst the buying community. Try silhouettes, blur out things that are unrelated to the frame and that way you can focus on the subject that you capture.  Remember to capture in different orientation – landscape and portrait and ensure to capture different facial expression of people and also from different angles. It is quite hard to say which one of these the buyers want. 

Lifestyle4-YoungCouple-PCStock-02-original copy

Photo Credit: Photo Concierge

 Post Production 

There is no point in editing the images beyond the basic correction of contrast, brightness and the levels. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing people as their true selves. Allow your imageries to speak for its authenticity and its technical skills. 

Alexis-HIREZ-6860-original copy

Photo Credit: Tony Felgueiras

Model Releases 

Ensure to always have model releases on hand. Photographers should never hesitate to ask permission from participants prior to shooting their photo!

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Photo Credit: Photo Concierge

Upload With Appropriate Key Words 

PhotoConcierge has featured a very detailed blog on how to . Keywording in photography, videography and vectors are tools to tag meaningful words to your media so that people/ buyers who search from anywhere in the world may find them. Appropriate key wording is inevitable in stock photography industry since that is the only way to make your content visible. 

We are quite sure that this blog will help our community of photographers to bridge the gap between content creators and content seekers. Do write to us at if you need further assistance. 

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