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If you are into Photography, you must be using Photoshop for some time now and you must be aware that there is more than one way around editing a particular picture. The software is quite huge and has a wide range of flexibility that way. And some of you must also be aware that Lightroom is very similar in the way it works and its features. Editing a picture always has a few alternative options and knowing Lightroom well gives you enough flexibility to try multiple ideas which would work well for a particular picture.

Lights out

Whenever you want to draw focus to a specific area, use the Lights Out command to fade the lights and dim everything else in the picture. To try this out, go to Grid view, select few images then hit the ‘L’ key and you will get the desired result.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Switching Crop Overlays

Image cropping on Lightroom is pretty simple but there is this hidden functionality that one shouldn’t miss – you can switch between multiple crop overlays. This overlay is quite useful and makes it easy to apply the rule of thirds to an image. To see all the crop overlay options, click on the “Tools” item in the menu bar and then to the “Crop Guide Overlay” flyout menu to see the options.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Use Luminance

For a photographer, it’s always a delight to capture the beauty of nature – beautiful landscapes, blue skies, oceans etc. If you are exposing for subjects that are in shade or with their backs to the sun, you might get blown out or lackluster sky detail because of the fact that your camera is trying to get information from the shadows.

In Lightroom, saturation slider will help in enhancing the color of the sky or ocean but it is not always the best option. Saturation will intensify the colors globally but it may not be desirable. Also, saturation is a touchy setting and can easily play with skin tones and other important areas which shouldn’t go wrong. By dropping down to the hue, saturation and luminance panel, one can easily target the specific colors.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Quick skin fixes

In a photo shoot or even a candid shot, there are so many things can go wrong especially in case of the outdoor photos, people may look patchy or overly red. In Lightroom, there are a lot of options to improve the skin quality starting from adjusting the brightness to Luminance slider. Lightroom has a cool built-in took that works quite well for softening the skin. The “Soften Skin” adjustment brush acts as the spot removal tool which is of great help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other skin imperfections. There is also the “Noise Reduction” section to see various sliders aimed at reducing the color noise that is a common side effect of shooting at a high ISO.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Split Toning: Retro Sweet Spot

Split toning is a great way to achieve dramatically different effects for your photographs but the controls can be a little confusing if you are not well accustomed to Lightroom. Given current trends in photography and social media, people are looking to bust out a retro effect similar to Instagram filters. You can create and download a ton of retro presets for Lightroom and almost all of them are similar in their split toning structure.

Decor event set up

Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Fading a Lightroom Preset

Now we can all agree that Lightroom presets are great! With a single click you can take your image from boring to amazing, who could resist? However, the inevitable problem that you run into with built-in presets and those that found online is that they’re simply too strong. For the most part, you like the effect, but just wish there was a way to dampen it. Using only the default Lightroom functions, there are a number of ways to do this, all of which are a pain. The first and most obvious is to go through and attempt to spot all the changes and lessen them one slider at a time. Another popular option is to import an edited and a non-edited version into Photoshop, stack them together and reduce the opacity of the edited version until you like the result.

Decor event set up

Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

So, it’s about time to get started with some real good Lightroom editing! And do share with us those amazing results you get! Until next time 🙂

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