How To Earn Money From Your Stock Photos ?

The world functions with imageries. Period. Every message that you see around – be it commercial or non commercial, uses photographs as a medium to communicate to their relevant audience. It is a well known fact that content with images has much more readership than without it.

selling photographs online

Several photographers turn to image bank companies to associate with, in order to sell the images. Selling photographs online has become quite popular among photographers and the reasons are quite simple – An online stock photography company understands the needs of the industries in the market by conducting substantial market research and continuous interactions with them. This helps these image bank companies to be abreast with the ‘‘need of the hour images’, which is later communicated to the photographers. Secondly, from the photographers point of view, besides making money from their imagery collection, they get to sell their images ‘on demand’ and it surely does earn them the title as the most ‘sought after photographer’.

The next questions would be on how to earn money from your stock photos?

Step – 1: Put down the list of industrial and service sector that you think of. Does your list have Education, Health, Travel and Tourism, Food and Fashion industries to start with? If yes, then congratulations, you have what it takes in you to be a stock photographer!

Step – 2: Dig into your imagery collection. Start segregating into its end use. Example: A photograph of people by the beach could be used for a travel and leisure industry. A photograph of a lady ogling a dress made by a luxurious brand could be used by a fashion industry.
selling photographs online
Step – 3 : Here comes the technical part! Post all your magical post production, identify the highest resolution possible from your final list of photographs that are to be updated to the photo stock sites. Pricing structure in any image bank company is directly proportional to the size of the images. Have yourself an excel sheet to describe the images with title and short description, location and tags. Remember the right tags decide the fate of your images.

Step – 4 :A stranger sitting somewhere in the corner of the world, searching for images will not use “fancy and poetical terms” to find them.Therefore get your tags as simple and as elaborate as possible. Add the price to the image. Deciding of pricing is at the discretion of the photographers. Some take the industrial norm into consideration before fixing a price, which is quite the healthy way.

selling photographs online

Step – 5: Don’t just stop working after uploading the images to these online stock photography business websites! Do your bit to promote yourself, make some noise, spread the word around and most importantly, understand where the demand is for the images and continue to shoot more.

4 thoughts on “How To Earn Money From Your Stock Photos ?

    • Hi Srinath, Its just 4 steps away…

      As Indian Contributors
      1. Log into your account on PhotoConcierge.
      2. Click on “Profile” (on top right corner), go to “Seller Information”.
      3. Make sure you have entered your bank/Paypal information there(Paypal for Non Indian user).
      4. Click on “Request Disbursement” and you are done!
      It will reflect in your bank account within 10 working days of the request.

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