Our Featured Elad Itzkin For International Yoga Day June 21st

“I focus on Yoga Photography with a combination of urban scenes as I find the roughness of the city and the gentle touch of Yoga makes it a wonderful combination” says Elad Itzkin an incredible photographer who specialises in Yoga Photography. An artist who is also dabbling on many genres of photography, PhotoConcierge’s wall is adorned with Elad’s imageries. As part of International Yoga Day, we bring forth to our readers, few inspiring photographers cum Yogi’s, who follow their dream with a very clear vision in their thought process.
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Credits: Elad Itzkin

Elad got into Yoga photography a couple of years back, when he, as a yogi loved seeing the serenity a person gets when they are in their zone, immersed in yoga. He decided to take photographs of his teacher and it just continued ever since.

yoga royalty free stock images

Credits: Elad Itzkin

“Yoga and photography are integral parts of my life. it’s hard to tell how it changed me, as they both grow in me together. Yoga is a big part of who I am, even if I don’t practice for a period of time, it still helps me make the right choices, meet the right people and live a happier life style. This is the same feeling that would run across in the minds of all those Yogi’s that I have photographed as well; the only thing that is constant in our lives – Yoga, which is our safe place to be. Usually people who are into yoga are more happy, with themselves, with the people around them, they start pushing away from their bad influences and focus on what is important and am hoping it will spread more and more in future” said Elad with a lot of clarity when asked about Yoga and how he sees Yoga in his life.

Elad photographs in locations that one would not even imagine of. Here are some highly useful tips on Yoga Photography from the master himself!

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Credits: Elad Itzkin

When it comes to shooting yoga pose, I usually ask my models to come prepared, make a list of postures they are comfortable in and then just see what fits for each location, as everyone has their on level and style, the only really important thing I focus on, is not letting the model do a posture that his/ her body is not really built to, they can hurt themselves and no photograph is worth that.

Calculated estimation, using the web, local people advises and the fact that the sun follows me around, even when I shoot in winter in Northern countries. I have 90% success to have the sun out regardless to weather prediction.
yoga royalty free stock pictures

Credits: Elad Itzkin

I avoid toughest yoga pose, they serve no one, I find that if a person is comfortable in a pose they shine, if they are over stressing it’s just going to look bad – so I focus on what they can do and it’s always brilliant.

I guess like every genre of photography, the challenge is to make people understand its a job, not always easy to make people understand that it’s my way to make a living, but with time I get more and more jobs and I’m quite happy about it
yoga photos elad

Credits: Elad Itzkin

Lastly, do yoga! It’s not only a physical practice, it’s a way of life, a way to live better, longer and younger. It challenges your mind, body and soul and if you are a photographer it will make you even better.

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