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3 Ways to Promote Your Images on Facebook Organically

Facebook is the go-to platform for photographers to promote and market their work. With over two billion users signed up to the platform, it provides the perfect avenue for visual content creators to gain exposure for their work. That being said, it can be quite challenging to cut through competition and getting your voice heard. With the following strategies you can be assured of gaining some attention on Facebook, organically.

5 Photo Series to Inspire You

As a photographer, you need to constantly challenge your creative capabilities and one way to do that is by starting a photo series. Photo series pose several challenges that can help you better your craft. It can also be used as a powerful means to deliver a message that is close to your heart. Before you get on this journey, have a look at these five phenomenal photo series to derive inspiration.

Photo Series: Monks of Bhutan

Hailed as the Himalayan Kingdom, Bhutan is the world’s only Buddhist country, where traditional Buddhist culture blends in harmoniously with the modern age. In addition to picturesque landscapes, the country is dotted with beautiful monasteries and temple fortresses called Dzongs. Monks form a significant part of the Bhutanese society and are revered by people from all walks of life. Here’s a look into the Monks of Bhutan, beautifully captured by Gagan Verma, Raghav Sethi and G Venkat Ram.

A Photographer’s Guide to Building a Community

building a community

Putting out content online without getting any response from users is like talking to an empty room. You need to put in considerable effort to get people to talk about your work and make a name for yourself on the Internet. Creating and sharing your photographs is only half the work. The remaining 50% is all about building a community. Here are a few tips to get started.

Surf and Sun – Indian Open of Surfing 2017

A sunny Indian beach, clear blue waters, surfing, music and yummy food. This is what the Indian Open of Surfing 2017 is all about. PhotoConcierge is running “The Big Surf” photography contest as part of the event. Here’s a short video to help you draw inspiration from and shoot the winning photograph. Think big waves, gorgeous beach sunsets and action-packed water sports while shooting your images.