PhotoConcierge Brings you Top 5 Content Marketing Trends in 2017

In the past year, content marketing has taken the digital space by storm. Effective content marketing strategies have proven to boost customer engagement, build credibility, improve SEO, establish trust and enhance sales prospects. Therefore it is essential for photographers to don the role of content marketers to promote their businesses. PhotoConcierge has compiled a list of content marketing trends that you can get on-board this year to rise above the noise of competition.

Trend 1: Email marketing is gaining more popularity

More businesses are set to launch e-newsletters as part of their content marketing campaigns this year. Email marketing provides promising opportunities to create meaningful relationships with a widespread audience. Aside from being cost effective, email marketing increases brand awareness, improves click-through and boosts conversion rates. Therefore, package your content into visually-stimulating newsletters and email it to your target audience regularly.


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Trend 2: Influencer marketing is rising steadily

Influencer marketing was the buzzword in 2016 and is expected to dominate the digital marketing space this year. Influencer campaigns offer an optimal way to tap into new audience bases. Influencers can help jumpstart a viral sharing trend for your images on social media. They can also drive traffic to your website, boost social media reach, earn audience loyalty and increase sales through recommendations. Therefore work on aligning with as many influencers as you can this year.

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Trend 3: Print media is making a comeback

According to a research, content marketers are steadily using print magazines to rise above the competition in the digital space. Print magazines or booklets are a great way to market your photographs and cut through the digital noise.  Therefore, you can work towards self-publishing a photo book or creating a portfolio of your images in print. Self-publishing allows you to exercise your creative freedom and monetise your work effectively.


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Trend 4: Smartphones are driving more traffic on the internet

A study has found that more people are accessing content on mobile phones than on desktops. The mobile trend means that people are resorting to information snacking and prefer bite-sized content over long-form content. Therefore, photographers must create smartphone-friendly content to avoid losing out on a large audience base.

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Trend 5: Videos are dominating the digital space

Content marketing has primarily been synonymous with blogging and written material. Although these formats will persist in the marketing domain, businesses must diversify their content. According to a study, video content will represent 74% of the internet traffic this year. Therefore, it is highly recommended that photographers share videos on social media sites to attract more followers.

Krynica-Zdroj, Poland - January 04, 2017: YouTube is a most famous social media that provides a video hosting service for comments and sharing by users.

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