PhotoConcierge Celebrates World Photography Day with “Marina Makkal”

In lieu of World Photography Day, celebrated worldwide on 19th August, PhotoConcierge is running a photo series on the fishermen and vendors stationed on Marina beach, Chennai.

Marina, the world’s second largest urban beach is a thriving economical ecosystem for many small-time entrepreneurs. The photo series, titled as “Marina Makkal” aims to capture the energy, enterprise and hopes of the fisherman and vendors who earn a living through fishing or setting up stalls on the beach. The series provides a never before seen insight into the stories of the people whose lives revolve around this hotspot.

A team of PhotoConcierge photographers will photograph and document stories of the fisherman as they begin to arrive at the shore after their early morning catch. The team will also capture candid images of vendors as they go about their daily lives. The images will be put up for display near the Nochi Kuppam fish market on Marina beach, Chennai at 4 PM on Saturday,19th August.

Through this photo series, PhotoConcierge aims to honor the fisherman community as well as the small-time entrepreneurs of Marina Beach. If you are interested to participate in the event, contact us at

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