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Blogs are exceptionally useful centers for you to express your mind and the freedom in blogging is that you run it, and you can choose when to post, how much to post, and what to post about. One of the most intriguing forms of blogs are Photography Blogs – and the reason why they’re most interesting is because they tell beautiful stories through images. Recipients of information tend to process an image better than text – and that puts photography blogs right up there on the ranks of the best kinds of photography there are!  If you’re looking to create your own photography blog, here are a bunch of useful ideas you can keep in mind:

  • Create a photography blog around a theme, or no theme at all. If you choose the latter, try to segregate the themes into tabs, categories or pages.
Kids face Elaine City Photographs

Theme-Kids Faces
Photo Credits: PhotoConcierge

small girl with blue eyes

Theme-Kids Faces
Photo Credits: PhotoConcierge

  • Try not to have too many blogs – keep one, or a few at the most, based on your requirement.
  • Start by figuring out what you want to do through your blog. Why did you create it? What do you want to accomplish through it?
  • Figure out your audience. Who do you want to showcase your photographs to? Do you want the showcase to turn into action? What is the action you want it to turn into? If you have a sale presence, link it from your blog.
  • Be a consistent post-maker. Always try to stay regular – even if it is a shorter post than usual, or of you have lesser time to do it. Consistency creates an impression that you are committed and active in your business line.
  • Always tie in Social Media to promote your content and photographs across platforms. The more you showcase across forums, the better attention you get. People need to know where to look for information – very few people tend to already keep an eye on websites, but most people need to have an update every now and then.
  • Watermark your photographs! Your blog is vulnerable to the copy-and-paste routine. Don’t let that happen with your work!

    Food photography

    Photo Watermarked with PhotoConcierge Logo
    PhotoCredits: PhotoConcierge

  • Always showcase the best of your work rather than all of your work – the idea is to keep your momentum going, with work that will leave your recipients with a sense of awe and appreciation.
  • Don’t over post, always make it a point to stay within regular intervals, cutting in only occasionally.
  • Don’t overload your blog with too many photographs unless you are willing to buy space.

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