Professional Infographics for Brands and Businesses

Importance of Infographics in your Content Marketing Strategy

Human brain consumes visual content 60,000 times faster than text content. Most readers today have a very short attention span and Infographics are perfect to grab their attention. Infographics are educational and can be humorous too. They are easy to read and easy to share.

IT businesses, Digital Media creators, Telecom, Computers, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food, Retail, Healthcare, Sports, Travel, Conglomerates, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hospitality, and Governmental – all of them are leveraging Infographics in their Content Marketing Strategy.

Benefits of Infographics for brands and businesses

1) Branding Strategy: A lot of information is usually shared in the form of textual emails or on website in textual format. Sometimes the essence of branding is lost in the whole process. Infographics not only helps the companies or any user to retain their sense of branding but also excels in it.

2) Simplification of Complex Information: Study shows that 65% of new recruits do not even read the Introduction cum Induction Manual given by their HR Department. When the HR Team switched to Infographics, more than 85% of these new recruits read it (Source: HR Mania). Infographics are easy, offers a step-by-step guide to any issue. Even the most complex task is made to look easy.

3) Visually Compelling Content: A typical Infographic consists of design elements like images, maps, graphics, vectors and charts which are interconnected with data, statistics and analytics. Thus, making it one of the best ways to tell your story in an attractive and captivating format.

4) Viral growth: A perfect Infographic created for your brand has the potential to be shared widely on the web as compared to regular textual content. There have been several Infographics in the past that have created new benchmarks in content marketing. According to a study by MassPlanner, Infographics are shared three times more than any other type of content on social media channels.

5) Knowledge Retention: Visual content stays much longer in minds than mere words. Readers focus more on the Infographics than any other type of content.

Why PhotoConcierge for Infographics

1) Professional Infographics designed by Experts: PhotoConcierge produces Infographics that are curated by industry experts. Focused to cater to the needs of CXO’s, Entrepreneurs, Activists, Students and other professionals, our Infographics are highly data driven, offering you the absolute best.

2) Customised Infographics with Agile approach: You do not have to buy what we offer. Tell us what you want, with your specification and we will offer you the best Infographics for your business.

3) Content and Data driven: We are not just content driven but we decipher complex data into simple and understandable data. There is no need to break your heads on preparing the right presentation! Our designers come from diverse backgrounds. Be it any Industry – We have the best for you!



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