Royalty Free Photographs


Whether you’re a blogger or a newsprint publisher, an advertiser or a designer, you literally have segments in your work life that involve using and looking for the right kind of images to go with the content you generate. It isn’t always easy to afford to pay for a photographer – especially if you fall in line with a shoe string budget or less. Sourcing images that most others have already used that you will, of course, attribute, makes your work come across as hackneyed.

Don’t fret: all is not lost. There is a solution, and it’s called “Royalty Free Images.”

Royalty free, as the name suggests, is typically a kind of license that allows a user the permission and right to use a stock image in certain (mostly limited) ways. Royalty free implies that the user is not required to pay a royalty each time the image is used. Quintessential royalty free images are available under a license that is non-transferable, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide and open for and to multiple-use sub-license. Let’s look at what these each mean:

A Non-transferable license means that the license itself is valid for the person buying the photograph only. This right or license in the royalty free photograph cannot be transferred to anyone else through a resale or a gift or such else.

A Non-exclusive license means any royalty free image that may be put to use by as many people as there are that license the image for use. If it is necessary to have an exclusive right to use any stock image, it is necessary to buy the image under different license terms.

A Perpetual license is a license that allows the user to make use of the image for as long as they may so wish. The license is not confined to a number of uses or any such restriction, unless otherwise agreed with the licensor.

A Worldwide license allows the royalty free image to be used by the individual anywhere in the world.

A multiple use image allows the use of a royalty free image on multiple use avenues that include such things as packaging, posters and other distribution and marketing paraphernalia. Most royalty free licenses allow images to be printed and mocked up onto packages for a certain number of times.

Regardless of what your needs vis-à-vis a given image or a photo requirement may be, it is imperative that there be sufficient attention and time invested in understanding what licenses can be secured and used.

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