Selfie Photography- An Art Indeed

Imagine yourself in the center of a shopping mall. What do you think you would see? Waves of people taking photographs of themselves, popularly referred as ‘Selfie’. Selfie Photography- An Art Indeed! Born in an Australian chat room back in 2002, the word ‘selfie’ itself is so much more than just a gorgeous photo snapped ― it is a very important form of self-expression.

Selfie by itself is as old as Photography. Photographers were known to cleverly position their cameras in a discrete location and photograph their reflection in mirror. Cameras these days have made this process a lot easier and the instant sharing of the same in social media makes it all the more exciting.

Photo Concierge has compiled what we call the ‘Selfie Tips for the Year’. Read on, click-a-few selfies and mail right away to us. Let the fun begin!

Foreground Background Decision

Selfie is not essentially about you. It could be an extraordinary photograph if an element from the background or foreground is included. With several post production photography applications available for phones, one could add any number of layers and textures and bring about changes to a rather flat image.

NASA astonaut Scott Kelly takes a selfie aboard the International Space Station, July 12. PhotoConcierge,  buy stock images

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Built-in flash are probably the worse enemies for a good selfie. Try and use the natural light as much as possible. Moving closer to a window or to a well lit area would do you a lot good.

We dont know if he got kicked after the photograph was taken,buy stock images

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Those Angles

Its best to assess the best facial angles. That shouldn’t take too long! Study shows that almost 76% of human beings look best in their side profile.  The advantage of being your own photographer is that you can de-accentuate your less flattering qualities with a few tricks. To make your face look slimmer, shoot your selfie from slightly above. If you are including your torso in the shot, turn one shoulder slightly towards the camera. Stick your neck out just a little, which will help eliminate that little bulge under your chin. Dabble around with few trial shots before you call a particular shot your best.

selfie-die-agencypublisher-steve-blakeman,buy stock images

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Get Those Filters Operating

Always remember to pick five of your favourite post production photography applications and process your selfies on them. Artistic filters add a lot of dramatic feel to your selfie. The purpose of most of the selfie, as we know is to also look ‘cool’. Filters understands them so perfectly, that, even if you miss to pose cool, filters add this feel.

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The Pose

Unless you are posing for something serious, please do not be serious – its as simple as that! Your selfie should never make you look that you have tried really hard. It should clearly look that the photograph was snapped very casually – like you were just out and it suddenly occurred to you to turn on the camera and grab an impromptu photograph of yourself, which incidentally turned out amazing!

Because Peter Dinklage and Grumpy Cat share the same eye color, the same furry stache, and the same grump expression that every human, every being across the universe shares inside them.,buy pictures online

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Not The Run Of The Mill

Most of us are bored seeing similar looking selfies. Like taking a photograph of yourself in your workspace and claiming to capture the different moods. Cliche – No way!. Your selfie can also determine whether you are a interesting person or not. Pick only unique spots where you would like to paint yourself with a selfie. Show the world the extraordinary you.,buy pictures online

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Stop | Think | Share

If you are one of those who shares selfies every second hour on social media – you could be branded as a sociopath. Everything in moderation is a good idea.

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