Social Media Strategies For Photographers

Photographers, Videographers, Artists and the entire creative lot cannot escape Social Media. Lets face it, Facebook has 1.71 billion users per month, while Instagram and Twitter have 500 million and 313 million active users per month respectively (Source: Statista). Social Media does give photographers and other visual artists a huge opportunity to get recognized and also drive sales. PhotoConcierge has compiled some ways in which you can use social media to grow your visual art business.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge

Which Channel Should A Visual Artist Use? 

The answer is ‘Have your presence in all channels’. Individual goals of the artist highly drive the nature of the platforms to be used. While we might be inclined towards thinking it is a waste of resources to be spending considerable time on social handles – just think that Organizations invest significant man hours and so much money in this ‘New Age Media’. It does help to grow your business and in all fairness, as an artist, you have to be where your audience are!

A young Nepalese boy taking a photo in Bhaktapur, Nepal.

Photo Credit: Nila Newsom

Things To Try

  • It is a myth that one needs to be active on social media everyday! Upload/ Update when you have to but at least twice or thrice a week. The secret to be a successful social media person is to be consistent at it
  • The most gifted souls in this world are visual artists. They manage to travel all over the world and capture some stunning stories as memories in their cameras. Therefore don’t just put up the images on your social handles. Give a small note on them to make the engagement of the audience even better. Sharing the technical details of the photographs (EXIF data) are totally the prerogative of the artist.
  • As much as possible blog your journey. We come across so many interesting moments and stories in our daily lives and needless to say, visual artists are a real bounty hunters in this. Share your stories as blog with appropriate images to form a Photo Story Series
  • All important events, travel schedules, photographer workshop, competition and festivals that a artist attend must be updated on the social handles. The reason is pretty simple – by updating the information, you are also trying to inform your followers of the event and thereby creating awareness of existence of such events
  • The other useful tips to try would be share tips on social media about your art and throwing some light to less known facts, conduct simple photography contests and organise events like Photo Walks.
  • One of the time tested methods that tend to make you the trending topic are social causes. While most of the photographers yearn to work on social cause projects, it is also important to bring the same to the public and there is nothing better than social media to do the job.
  • Share content that inspires you, give credits to people you appreciate or take inspiration from and always be there as a role model for those who need some help in this line.
  • If your image  are sold – either through stock photography or the buyer approached you directly, share the information on your Social handles, so that people know that your work is being looked upon for purchase.
  • The biggest harm that can arise using social media is over doing posts. Try not to post two updates a day and remember to look at the trending topics for those hashtags.

Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

We would recommend all visual artists to be consistent on Instagram – not just because of the volume of users but it is the only Social media built for the sake of sharing photographs. If you are a photographer or a videographer, Instagram is just a match made in heaven. Jump on the ‘New Age Media’ bandwagon and get fascinated with the new age photo sharing.


Photo Credit: PhotoConcierge



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