Tips On How To Add Keywords To Your Photographs

Keywording in photography, videography and vectors are tools to tag meaningful words to your media so that people/ buyers who search from anywhere in the world may find them. Appropriate key wording is inevitable in stock photography industry since that is the only way to make your content visible. PhotoConcierge is happy to share this ‘Tutorial and Tips on Keywording’ to help the community get better visibility thereby increasing the exposure on the web and also ensuring the search engines and web galleries use the keywords to help find your images. 

The general categorisation of keywords can be segregated into: 

  1. Description of the image
  2. Concept of the image
  3. Location of the image

and then there is ‘never do this to your image category’. 

We will talk about the above mentioned taking one image as an example and towards the end we have given more examples to drive home the point. 


Photo Credit Marianne Mangan

Description Of The Image 

Describe what you see by asking yourself “who or what is the subject of your image”. Start by describing your subject in very basic terms. In this photograph it is Child, Kid, Boy and look for relevant attributes to the image, the ones that really stand out. Stick to your instinct and never use keywords that do not add any value addition/ information to the image. The relevant instinctive key words to this image would be happy, playful, laughing, Smile, Curious and you can also add the word Play since the mood of the photograph looks like it was shot during playtime. The other aided keywords would be expression and if this was shot during a birthday party, that could be an added keyword. 

Therefore, the Keywords are Child, Kid, Boy, Childhood, Play, Happiness, Party, Birthday. 

Concept Of The Image 

These are words that describe moods, emotions or ideas associated with an image. Firstly it is shot at Day and that is a keyword by itself. The genre is Portrait and one can notice the texture of the cake on the child. Description of day and night is all the more relevant especially when the decision to buy is based on it, for example sunrise, sunset etc., Some buyers search for the mood of the image based on its colours like fall, autumn etc., 

Therefore, the Keywords are Day, Portrait, Cake, Celebration, Family, Outdoor, Green, Spring, Texture, Blue

Location Of The Image 

Where was your photo taken? The question of geographical location is geared towards landscapes, cityscapes, or any image taken outdoors where this information lends obvious context to the photo. With landscapes, the location and setting are the sole subject of the photo making this information even more vital.

Therefore, the Keywords are USA, America 

Never Do This To Your Image

While it is important to understand the basic concepts of keywording, it is equally important to go by elimination method as to what should not be done with your content. 

‘The Atlantic’ states in a survey stated that 657 billion photos get uploaded on the internet every year. The only way to get your images visible to anyone is by using the right keywords. Always think of the buyer who is a stranger and has no idea about your expertise and skills. Be straight to the point and ensure you don’t make your keywords fancy. In the above example, Girl Child Smiling  is all the more relevant than ‘The Smile that will make your hearts melt’. The latter will not bring forth your image on the search engine on any kind of search. 

Be very wary of spelling mistakes. If you are using any batch keyword tool, ensure to glance through it once before you upload images. 

Don’t over crowd the keywords. Adding every possible element is just adding negative impact to your keywords

To conclude, photographers who give importance to Keywords are those who take home a lot of appreciation. Ensure you are good at it. If you need any help on keywords, one of our experts can help your way through. Visit or download our iOS or Android Mobile Application – PhotoConcierge. 


Photo Credit GVenket Ram

Keywords: Wine, Storage, OldWine, Warehouse, Liquor, Winery, Day, Monochrome, Blackandwhite, Africa, Pattern, Architecture, Alcohol, Industry, Food, Beverage, Foodandbeverage, Wooden, Woodenbarrels, Barrel, Geometry, Occupation 


Photo Credit Swasti Verma

Keywords: Temple, Monument, Ancient, History, Lake, ShoreTemple, Day, HDR, Templeandmonuments, Mythology, Art, Beach, Heritage, Culture, Outdoors, Religion, Hindu, Water, Sky, India, God, Goddess, King, UNESCO


Photo Credit Evanescence Studios

Keywords:  Animal, Lorris, SlowLorris, Night, Nocturnal, Arboreal, Wildlife, Forest, Biodiversity, Conserve, Conservation, Threatened, VulnerableSpecies, Eyes, Trekking, Wildlifephotography, India

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