Tips on Street Photography

Street photography is about documenting everyday life on the streets. The beauty of street photography is you can practice it anywhere and everywhere without having to spend on traveling     to capture spectacular shots, a genre of photography which is mostly done candidly. It’s about finding beauty in day to day life.

Street photography is quite interesting as it lets the photographer explore people, their emotions and life.

Happy Couple

Photo Credits: Aws Zuahir

Take your camera everywhere

Given the fact that Street Photography is spontaneous; it’s something that you constantly need to practice to be perfect at it. When you are a photographer, most of this comes naturally to you! Your camera is a big part of you, an extension of yourself – it’s not just another gadget but a lot more than that. You express yourself through your camera and you don’t want to miss out on any opportunity to get an amazing shot because of not having a camera on you! Who knows you might just get an amazing picture while walking down the street to go buy groceries. So all you guys out there who want to do some serious Street Photography, you must have your camera within reach at all times!

mumbai original

Photo Credits: Dikshit Mundra

 Choose the right lens

When it comes to Street Photography, it is crucial to choose the right lens. You don’t want to be scaring off your subjects by aiming a large lens at them so steer clear of using a telephoto lens! It’s better to have a less confronting camera when you are trying to get some nice street shots. Carrying a large DSLR with you at all times won’t be comfortable either. It is best to have a smaller & lightweight camera lens.

kakkoor kalavayal original

Photo Credits: Abin Alex

Camera settings

The most quick and easy way to set up your camera is by switching the camera to AV (aperture-priority mode) and selecting your f-stop (aperture) and ISO manually and the camera will then decide the shutter speed (exposure). You are good to go if your camera displays a shutter speed higher than 1/200th a second. Take note of the shutter speed your camera is reading and make adjustments to aperture and ISO accordingly. On the contrary, use slow shutter speeds to capture motion blur or light trails or experiment with panning.

Get close to your subjects

With street photography, it is important for you to get clear and close shots of your subjects and a wide-angle lens will help you do that. The benefit of using a wide-angle lens is that it will give you a clear and close shot while blending you in the crowd at the same time. You can get some great shots from meters away from the action but sometimes you may need to get closer.


Photo Credits: Rufus Reynolds

 Black & White shots

Now streets are bustling places, there’s so much – people, cars, ads etc. which will make a colorful image look very busy. Black & White shots work well for street photography as it makes the images look more simple and cleaner while color images can get very confusing to the eye.

Steal a moment

To be able to get beautiful pictures with meaning and substance, you really need to watch people closely and anticipate moments. Observe people’s behavior and body language.


Photo Credits: Aws Zuahir

 Venture out in all kinds of weather

Don’t just step out to get some good pictures on a bright sunny day, step out during rain, snow and fog too! Yes, bad weather makes for some really beautiful pictures. Also, don’t miss out on clicking during the golden hours of a sunrise and sunset!

So go ahead and click to your heart’s content!


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