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Gokarna or Gokarn is a sleepy beachside town along the Konkan coast of Karnataka. It is a more laid back and peaceful version of Goa attracting travelers from around the world. Photoconcierge is happy to present to you Gokarna through the eyes of travel photographer, Roehan Rengadurai.

5 :30 am, pitch dark, empty beach – my day begins waiting, hoping, longing for a colorful sunrise to light up a new adventure, another day in the life of a travel photographer.

The stars twinkle goodbye as warm tones of yellow sliver across the heavens. A new adventure beckons much to the delight of the eager lens.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

Om beach reveals its rocky seascape as light bounces off the smooth stones and the harrowed slabs. Rocky beaches are not the best for swimmers due to the treacherous currents they create but for a photographer, with their jagged scapes and leaping tides make for a holistic seascape.

Om beach is one of the four beaches in Gokarna, but by far the most picturesque one. Half-moon beach is a secluded beach and can be reached by a hiking trail from Om Beach. Gokarna main beach is the beach closest to Gokarna town and is the preferred hangout for the locals. Kudle Beach is the most touristy beach with a large no of homestays and lodges dotting its coast. The road from Kudle to Gokarna town makes for a good walk with cliffs overlooking Gokarna beach. The layers of sea, sand, and forest topped with a deep blue sky makes for a visual delight.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

Just like any other Konkan town, Gokarna is lush with greenery. Moist air, moss covered walls, vines, creepers and rooftops of grass are some of the sights I cherish.

Kotitirtha is a huge temple tank / pond situated in Gokarna town. The streets around the pond have an old-worldy charm about them and are worth a visit. Shiva cave is another interesting place to visit. It is located off the road near the entrance to Kudle beach. There is no trail leading to it. Just go off the road until you find a small concrete staircase leading into a small opening in the ground. Inside the cave is a small Shiva temple with light filtering in through an opening in the ceiling.

Hinduism is omnipresent in Gokarna with small roadside temples and detailed statues and carvings present at every corner.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

Gokarna is my kind of place, peaceful, serene and spiritual. A good mix of lush greenery and never-ending beaches. Sit in a cafe with a nice plate of food and tune into the tones of nature. Ah! What more do you want from life!

Do you want to click beautiful Sunrise/Sunset photographs like the ones showcased in this article ? Here are a few tips.

1) Reach the spot early – Sunrise / Sunset lasts only for a short amount of time so try to reach the spot at least 30mins in advance.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

2) Under-expose – During sunrise, the highlights in the scene become very bright and you may lose precious detail in the highlights. To avoid this under-expose your photograph to get as much detail as possible.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

3) Foreground Matters – A simple shot of the Sun rising among the clouds is a pretty frame but a flat one. Add something interesting in the foreground like rocks, trees or a building to add depth to your image and make it more interesting.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

4) Planning is important – As mentioned in the previous point, the foreground is important to make a compelling photograph. Do a bit of research on / scout the location beforehand to figure out the best vantage points to shoot the sunrise / sunset from.


Photo Credit: Roehan Rengadurai

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By Roehan Rengadurai

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