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Day two of the Urban Water Workshop by Chennai Photo Biennale began with the arrival of the very ascendancy of photography – Munem Wasif himself! There is no way anyone could hide their ‘overwhelmed expressions’. Just ten minutes into the session, everyone was hypnotised. He referred the Urban Water Workshop as the Artist Residency – where artists gets the creative freedom to express their art as against working on requirement for others.  The Workshop presented by PhotoConcierge and organised by Goethe Institut and Travelling Lens will help the participants to look up to Munem as he stays with them for the next 7 days in Chennai and would continue to mentor through online resources for a month after.

Munem Wasif- Urban Water presented by PhotoConcierge

Munem Wasif addressing the participants

Munem shared certain crucial aspects towards Documentary Photography, including research – which he strongly believes should take the substantial part in  Documentary Photography. Munem presented highly inspiring works from Lars Tunbjork, Anna Atkins, Nadav Kander and Stefen Vanfleteren and had a very detailed study on their imageries, which gave the participants a clear perspective on how Urban Water can be approached methodically. If there was one thing that Munem kept repeating over and over again was to tell the participants to use the opportunity to push themselves to places they have never been before, both emotionally and physically.

Munem Wasif- Urban Water Workshop, PhotoConcierge

Munem Wasif

The latter part of the workshop had Munem and the participants breaking down the plans for documenting the Urban Waters. The mentor heard everyone out in detail and was also reviewing their portfolios, thereby identifying their strengths and suggesting them an angle to look at.

Munem Wasif of Urban Water Workshop by PhotoConcierge

Munem Wasif and Urban Water Participants at work

A surprise element was introduced in the workshop when Ravi Agarwal joined the lot on Skype. Ravi will be joining the workshop on the 9th of January, where both the mentors will be going on a journey of documenting the ‘need of the hour’ topic – Urban Waters.

Munem Wasif- Urban Water presented by PhotoConcierge

Munem Wasif with Urban Water participants

PhotoConcierge Team will soon be interacting with Munem. Write your questions to us at info@photoconcierge.com

Best three questions will be picked for Munem to address.

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