Why Do I Use A Nikon?

I started using a Nikon years back because I liked the name, and this is pretty much the reason why I chose a Nikon over a Canon.  You will see from the photo that  I do seem to have a bit of a small collection of them.

Nikon Camera Collection. PhotoConcierge

Nikon Camera Collection
Photo Credits: Rajiv Chopra

Having said that,  what I intend to do, is to build a small collection of vintage analogue cameras, so that I can start experimenting with pinhole photography and the like.

The decision making criteria was a bit more complex than just that, of course. I had done some research on the good camera brands, after excluding the medium format cameras, simply because I could not, and still cannot, afford them.

Having said that, the choice was between Nikon and Canon, and apart from the name, I like the fact that Nikon is about the only large name manufacturer that sells film based cameras.

PalampurSunset PhotoConcierge

Photo Credits: Rajiv Chopra

Technically, I do not think that much separates the two of them on a technical level. However, it takes time to get to know your camera. While it is just a tool, in order for you to be able to make the best of the tool, you need to learn about the controls and the menus, and this takes time. It was much simpler in the old film based days, when the controls were easier.

However, the camera starts to become a part of you. The camera itself becomes an extension of your hand. It has to be that way. It is when the camera starts to become a part of you, and the controls become intuitive that you can lose the process of fiddling with the cameras menus, with lots of frowning and head scratching. Once you reach this stage, then you as a photographer can focus on whatever it is that you want to photograph, and the process starts to become seamless.

Changing from one camera brand to another requires a lot of unlearning. You need to get used to the feel of the new camera in your hand. You need to get used to a whole new menu system, and this takes much longer than you realize.

Of course, you have to invest in a whole bunch of lenses.

When I buy a camera – even a point and shoot – I will read reviews from as many sources as possible. I will then go to a camera store and see how the camera feels in my hand. If it fits snugly, then I will put it into my shopping basket.

The process of buying a new camera is one that you need to approach with care. The camera will be your friend and companion for years.

Choose your friends wisely.

Do the same with your camera!!

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