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A lot of people who pursued to introspect, have found their purpose of life in Yoga. ‘Transformation’ is the word to describe Yoga, for it changes you from within. In a way, photography and yoga seem to be a perfect combination, for light is the essence of photography, which meets the essence of life, Yoga. PhotoConcierge caught up with highly interesting Yoga preachers who seem to be leading quite a picture perfect life. They have their own professions to take care of, while they also indulge in some photography – be it using a camera or mobile phones. Get inspired and share your own yoga photography and lets take our turns to inspire this world. Lets spread the message ‘Yoga for Everyone’

Yotam Agam 


A sound engineer, producer, surfer and yoga teacher, Yotam is never in one place for more than two weeks! He keeps India very close to his heart while spreading the joy of good music and yoga all over the world. Yotam’s journey into Yoga began as early as year 2004, when his teacher helped him with his chronic back pain by introducing him to Hatha Yoga. There was no looking back after that! Yotam’s life centres around Yoga, which also takes him to different places, where he reaches out to people by teaching them Ashtanga Yoga. He believes that Surya Namaskar, Trikonasana, Ardha Padma Padagushtasana and Shirshasana are the few asanas that cheers him up everyday.


“Yoga is a vehicle that transports and transforms me through my life, a mirror to my happiness, sadness, sins and good things. It has been taking me throughout all days, using all the techniques I am learning and practicing right from breathing to moving and focusing, food and lifestyle. There are plenty of styles and workshops from traditional to contemporary, but I only see the good of it, as the message is all the same, which is, Peace, with yourself and with the world. I am just starting and will need a few lifetimes to learn” adds Yotam on Yoga and how he sees his life as a Yogi. Besides the several things he does, Yotam is also working on a concept for an exhibition that combines his passion for Yoga, Music and Video. He is also developing a Music Application for Yoga practice.

Aparna Sharma 


Born in Coimbatore, India, Aparna was just another dreamy child, not quite involved in physical education. It was in college, she became the gym-worm, forever working out, until pregnancy made her switch to yoga. Although Aparna considered yoga to be slow and boring, it truly became a lifestyle more than an activity.


Aparna has travelled to some of the glorious destinations in the world including Egypt, Singapore, San Francisco, Russia, Thailand, Europe and Bangkok. In all these destinations, she picks up few memorable spots – could be a historic monument or the junction of a city centre or one of the wonders of the world and strikes her signature ‘split pose’ for a photograph. “ It is always nice to have some crazy photographs to look at, once in a while. I totally regret not coming up with this idea earlier. I have traveled to many fun and exotic locations but never thought of taking photographs of yoga poses. I used to love to take dancing poses of mine (mostly bollywood)”  recalls Aparna. Many women have considered Aparna as their inspiration and have switched to Yoga for better lives.

Joshna Ramakrishnan

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Joshna shuttles between Chennai, Hong Kong and China to teach Yoga. Her parents wanted her to practice yoga for a healthy lifestyle and although she was quite reluctant at the beginning, the passion quickly caught up.“Yoga is a way to connect to your own self and radiate whatever that is from inside out” says Joshna who takes help from friends and students to take photographs of her yoga postures.


“Once when I was driving with few friends in a 17-Mile Drive, which is a scenic road through Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove on the Monterrey Peninsula in California, we stopped to enjoy the view. I did a few asanas in that picturesque background, while tourists flocked to take pictures of me and also with me after my postures. It was a paparazzi moment as the police officers took pictures in their phones along with the tourists” shares Joshna as one of her most fond memories.

Divya Rolla 


Passionate about dance and yoga, Divya started preaching yoga from the age of 19 and has been very seriously practising for the last 10 years. “Yoga is many things. It is the gentleness with which you interact with people around you. The way you think. The way you react. The food you put into your body”. Divya who is now living in Delhi, plans to pursue her training in Pune.

Here are some very quick tips for better Yoga Photography.

  • Try to get the most complimentary photographs of the individual, while making interesting compositions.
  • Learn the postures and its intricate details.
  • Not all yoga poses translate well to the camera, given that the body becomes tangled/distorted. Think in terms of geometry and composition.
  • Research well enough by looking at the portfolios of those who have done this before, make note of the poses and angles employed.
  • Do not just have fast shutter speed all the time. Slow shutter speed would produce arty images. Pull the geometry of the trees and other earthly elements in the background into the frame to work towards better composition.
  • Be efficient with your subject and their time, and please remember that yoga is a physically intensive activity – so plan way ahead as much as possible to make sure you get your best shots before your model is exhausted.

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