Zoriah Miller

Zoriah Miller is an American photojournalist and wartime photographer, who has had positions with The Red Cross and several other International Aid Organisations catering to conflict zones. An independent photographer, Zoriah Miller’s photographs have appeared in World Picture News, The Image Works, The Reporters Agency and The Rapport Press.

Of his repertoire of images, Zoriah’s images from the conflict in Iraq was published in a way that worked against his own interests: he was kicked out of his embed with the United States Forces when he was accused of having violated his terms of agreement that governed his embedding by taking pictures of dead and injured US soldiers and allegedly for having provided the enemy with a report of the after-action status, on the effectiveness of their attack and the response procedures of the US and Iraqi forces. His photography sparked off considerable debate on censorship of wartime photography – especially after the photograph of the dead US marines in Iraq after a suicide bombing in Al Karma, went live on his website.

Despite the obvious controversy he courted, Zoriah Miller’s talent as a photographer has never gone without praise. He began as a photographer when he was still young. In 2005, his career catapulted to great heights after a photograph of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami that made it to Newsweek. In 2006, he was named the Photojournalist of the Year by the Morepraxis Organization essentially for his work while documenting the conflict in Gaza. In January 2010, Miller won the PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award for his work on the famine in Africa.

To a student of photography, Zoriah Miller’s works are an example of the confluence of techniques, thoughts and emotions in handling humanitarian crises world over through photography. Zoriah’s repertoire of pictures includes everything from disasters to war, from social issues to human reactions to these social issues. He assists organizations that work in humanitarian aid, and functions from a philanthropic vantage point. Despite having photographed and shared images of content that went against the grain of his agreements and commitments, the core values that Zoriah Miller outdo the downside. He stands for are the truth, and the fight for that truth to come to light.

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